We had a great weekend in New Jersey at our first “Camp Like a Girl” event. The idea behind “Camp Like a Girl” was to give the women who read the profiles and follow the groups on social media an opportunity to experience a ‘girl camping’ event without having to be a member of any specific group. Normally to be in the girl campout loops, you need to be a member of a group and search their Meet Up sites for events near you. “Camp Like a Girl” was a ‘no fuss’ version for the tire kickers and we had a great time!  Many of the women who signed up camped as girls and are now in a place in life where they have that precious commodity of “time.” They are looking to go places and do things and they want people to do it with. Our event was but a sampling of the girl camping flavors but we tried to incorporate some of the tried and true things done at girl camping outings.


Kelly, Jeri and Mia on their first girl camping adventure!


On Friday night we planned a potluck dinner and asked each girl camper to bring her favorite appetizer or potluck meal to my site where we planned to gather! Since most people are traveling to get there it is an easy way to make the night fun. I always make something ahead of time and then just plate it up at the last minute.  Keeping it simple makes the whole thing less stressful for everyone. I always love this because I get to sample everyone’s ‘go to’ appetizer and add a few new things to my own list of favorites. While the weather looked good for Saturday and Sunday, we were keeping our eyes on the sky because a line of thunderstorms was going to come through on Friday night. That happened about ten minutes before mealtime and we all scrambled to the pavilion with our crockpots and party trays. We had so much fun chatting and checking out the booty in our Girl Camper swag bags while listening to the driving rain and acorns pelting the roof.  We were safe and sound in the pavilion and no one’s site suffered any serious calamities.




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The Sisters on the Fly know how to throw a party! One of the reasons they are so well attended is because of people like Karen Reichert. Karen, sister on the Fly #831 from Illinois, is the party planner for the Midwest Sisters! Karen has the gift of party planning. Karen is a former Legal Assistant (detail oriented!) who traded in her heels and daily rail pass to attend pastry school and then went on to work for the Boy Scouts of America organizing stays at their Michigan Summer Camp. She has taken all of her considerable life skills and put them to good use for the Sisters on the Fly. Her events have waiting lists even when she finds the largest venue possible! This doesn’t surprise me at all because having met Karen several years ago I could tell right away that I would want her on my team if I had to survive in the woods in style for three days. I don’t know anyone else who has ever hosted a peignoir party. I didn’t even know how to spell peignoir. Her ideas and enthusiasm are endless.


Karen’s annual Peignoir Party that she hosts at her weekend home in Indiana each year. It’s homage to our mothers! My mom still wears these!


Karen came to Sisters on the Fly the same way I did, after reading an article in Country Living Magazine about the Sisters. Like me she was “fascinated” by the idea of women vacationing together and towing their own little houses behind them. She read the article several times during the next few weeks soaking in the trailers and the whole bold idea. But with most of the sister trips and members out west, and her life as a single mom in Illinois already full to the brim raising two daughters, the timing just wasn’t right. She placed it on the middle, not back burner, because Karen Reichert is a woman who never says no to seemingly impossible things. A passion had ignited in her. An active Girl Scout leader, she was also independent with a “how to” attitude. She never thought, “I’m not going to be able to join this group.”  She instead began to ask herself how she was going to make this happen.   Her “how to” brain however reasoned that she could recreate such a group in her area someday.

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