Outside our window, a squirrel scurries over the golden brown pine needles covering the ground. What snow was blanketing the ground when we arrived has since melted and we’ve been anxiously checking the weather forecast every day hoping for a winter storm to hit. No such luck. But our house has wheels and we will find snow. It would have been a bummer to have booked an expensive stay in a hotel for a ski trip. Thank you RV!



While we haven’t had the snow we had hoped for, we have had beautiful weather with clear blue skies nearly every day. We’ve taken advantage of the mild temperatures by getting out for a little exploration.

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We’re big believers that there’s no reason to put an RV away for the winter season, so why not grab the family and hit the road? Our photographer friend Jeffrey Eatley did just that and took his family on an RV adventure over the holidays throughout New Mexico.

Here’s our countdown of the top 5 reasons RV winter travel can be a great getaway for the entire family:

The snow-dusted scenery

Imagine waking up to your little one just discovering a fresh blanket of fluffy snow shining in the winter sunlight steps from where they slept. Nothing beats the undisturbed beauty of it all!




The sights you’ll have to yourselves

Not everyone is as adventurous as you are, so the winter can be the perfect time for the family to sightsee without the crowds! And if it’s really cold, at least you’ll have the comfort and warmth of your RV to bring coziness to the expedition.

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Is there anything better than watching the snow fall while you are snug and warm inside? Maybe the only thing better is if you are snug and warm inside your RV. Winter is here, but that’s no reason to hibernate. When else you can embrace activities such as skiing, ice skating, snow-shoeing, and any other snow-related activity.

Winter RVing is a magical experience. For one thing, there are no bugs. Camping in the quiet, ethereal snow is like no other camping experience. Consider the Mt. Hood National Forest in Oregon for some prime winter camping. Have you tried skijoring? This apparently involves being towed on skis by your dog. Or Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan might actually be more fun in winter. Ice-climbing and ice-fishing in Lake Superior are not to be missed. Just be sure you and your RV are fully prepared for the winter weather.

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If the weather wasn’t cooperating in Minneapolis, it more than made up for itself as we traveled north. Our destination was to stop north of Brainerd, MN for a few days to meet up with some wonderful friends we met while RVing in Georgia a few years ago.

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We began our camping adventures in a tent. While I enjoyed those first few trips, the novelty of sleeping on the ground quickly wore off. It wasn’t long before we were ready for something a little more substantial than a tent, but that fit within our budget. So we bought a Folding Camping Trailer (also known as a pop-up or tent trailer). We loved that little RV. With the canvas sides, it was the perfect combination of being immersed in the elements with the comforts of an RV. It even had a shower and a toilet! We created so many wonderful memories in that camper. We’ll never forget the weeks we spent camped out on the California coast or under the Giant Sequoias. Waking up with the salty smell of the ocean or thick scent of pine was heavenly.

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