As another year comes to a close, we asked a few of our Go RVing bloggers to share their 2017 RV resolutions with us. Read what they’re excited for in 2017 below!

“Our RV resolution is to climb even higher mountains in 2017!” – Stephanie and Jeremy, RV Family Travel Atlas

RV Family Travel Atlas selfie

“Our RV resolution for 2017 is to take our RV out as much as possible to create more memories and deeper family bonds before our oldest flies the nest!” – Jenn, Newschool Nomads

Newschool Nomads RV blogger family photo

“Our RV resolution is to wake up early and capture many more sunrises.” – Jerome, Our One Chance

Sunrise on lake

“My RV resolution is to create a better work life balance, and spend more time exploring in the RV.” – Michelle, Making Sense of Cents

View of Joshua Tree on top of rocks

“Our RV resolution is to cross at least two destinations off our growing list!” – Mark, RV Education 101

Type A RV with Jeep towed parked at overlook

Do you have big RV plans for 2017? Share your RV resolutions with us in the comments or on social media using hashtag #RVResolutions. Happy New Year!


“You’ll never get to shower.”

“No bathroom? No thanks.”

“There’s no way you’d get me out there without electricity.”



The list goes on. We could probably write a short book with all of the objections we heard from family, friends, and random people when they learned we lived in our RV. Some of it was probably attributable to not understanding why we wanted to make a dramatic change in our lifestyle, some likely due to a fear of leaving modern amenities, and some was probably just people who like to rain on others’ parades.


We knew we wanted to spend as much time away from large cities as we possibly could, and we were even wanting to spend as little time hooked up in RV parks as possible. We had lots of experience car camping and backpacking, but neither of us had really ever spent time in an RV. Even though this was going to be new experience with a quick learning curve, we felt like we were setting ourselves up for success because we were doing something that we each really wanted. We wanted boondocking.


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As a mom of three young boys, I am constantly in search of recipes and meal plans that are nutritiously yummy. I read labels and try to stick to organic grocery items or at the very least non-GMO foods.



I always stock the RV with these very same foods and we do our best to stick to that while we are on the road, but that becomes difficult depending on what part of the country we are traveling in. This is where our food prep and planning helps us to stay on track with providing healthy and yummy meals that we know our boys will enjoy.


Tips for food prep and planning before long trips

  • As best you can, plan your daily meals ahead of time
  • Shop for your groceries (don’t forget seasonings, spices & condiments)
  • Depending on the length of your trip, shelf stable foods are probably best
  • Save money by purchasing fresh veggies, clean, cut and freeze them yourself
  • Frozen fruits and veggies go a long way in meal prep
  • Pre-clean, season and marinate your meats before freezing
  • Make ahead items like muffins can be frozen for a healthy quick breakfast



What qualifies as a “go to” RV friendly meal for our family? In our case, a meal that I can pop in the slow cooker gets placed in my “go to” meal planner for travel. I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to do is be stuck in the RV preparing three square meals for the family. This mama wants to be outside having fun with my crew!

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When we embark on a weeklong road trip, one of the first things I do to prepare is plan our menu. I have learned over the years that the key to every successful meal on the road is advanced planning and provisioning. I begin with my weekly menu planner I created to help me decide what our meals will be from day to day. Under each menu item there is a space to write down the groceries I need to buy. Down below, there is a an area where I write down the items I already have on hand that I can pack into the RV fridge/kitchen. It’s a very helpful tool for me. If you are interested in my menu planner, you can download the PDF of it HERE. I should also mention that I try to shop and cook just enough for the three of us so leftovers are kept to a bare minimum.


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There is no single RV budget that fits all. The budget available, as well as needs that can be planned for, depend on the type of RV and the RVer’s lifestyle. Some people are able to live their RV dream on $1,000 a month, whereas others may live on budgets higher or lower. However, there are many common expenses that the average RVer encounters.

By knowing these ahead of time, you are more likely to have fun since you won’t have unexpected RVing expenses impacting your monthly budget.

Knowing about the common RV expenses will also help you figure out which RV best fits your lifestyle, how big of a budget you have to work with, and more.

Below are five RV expenses to consider when making your budget.


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