The big spring trip. It’s become a family tradition we all look forward to after our long Midwestern winter.

This year’s route took us more than 2000 miles in 10 days – from Florida, through southern Louisiana, into the heart of Texas, and back home to Iowa.

After collecting R’Velle from the consignment company that cared for her over the winter, we restocked with groceries and our belongings and hit the road, our excitement for the trip ahead overriding the exhaustion of the late night flight the evening before.

That first day our drive from Orlando to I-10 and through the Florida panhandle was long. And, other than a rainbow following a quick afternoon downpour, the view really didn’t change much.



An overnight stop at a campground near Tallahassee allowed me to start unpacking our supplies that had been stored during the winter. Bedding, towels, bins, and blankets had been haphazardly stacked and strewn around the RV and it was making me crazy! I sent Doug and the girls outside – and out of my way so I could work!


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There is a reason people talk about the weather. It’s certainly small talk and a common ground, but the weather has the power to affect and color our experience of a place in a very tangible way. We can commiserate together when the weather is uncooperative and bleak, or giddily connect under a clear blue sky. There is no better time to do this than springtime!



The weather was as close to perfect as a day can get in New Orleans, and even more perfect, my family had decided to extend their stay one more day so we could experience New Orleans together!

This was our third visit to New Orleans and we were excited to show my family some of our favorite places. We started with a walk along the mighty Mississippi as she nears her destination at the Gulf of Mexico.


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