According to locals this has been an unusual Colorado fall. Warmer temperatures stayed through late October and the leaves hung around a bit longer on the trees. One woman even told me she can’t remember the last time she wore shorts in October. We soaked in all the sunshine and color as we explored southern Colorado.



Up in the mountains, not too far from Salida, is a gorgeous campground nestled among the mountains and along the Arkansas River called Helca Junction. It’s a primitive campground without amenities but who needs amenities when you got gorgeous views and your own bed, kitchen, and bathroom, in the RV. 😉

The Arkansas River Headwaters Recreation area is one of the most popular white water rafting and kayaking locations in the United States. The season appeared to be over for water sport but we still dipped our toes in….BRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!


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It’s always hard to say goodbye to summer. Lucky for us, the Colorado summer has been lingering into fall bringing us nothing short of perfect weather.



After exploring Rocky Mountain National Park, we headed south to Colorado Springs. This wasn’t our first visit to Colorado Springs and it won’t be our last. There is so much to do in this gorgeous city so we keep coming back.


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Every five days a miracle happens. These miracles are called weekends, and they’re meant to be packed full of trail-hiking, ice-cream-eating, and memory-making excitement. With these planned RV camping trips, we’ve taken all of the pesky thinking and research out of your weekend adventures so that you can just hit the road with those precious 56 hours of fun time.


Lake Placid


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The Fall Foliage

Did you expect anything different for number one? Tourists flock from not only all over the country, but from all over the world to see these radiant colors in New England. The foliage is the number one reason for visiting New England in the fall, but “leaf peeping” from the comfort of your RV makes the experience even more special.

The comfort you have of viewing the radiant colors from an RV is unbeatable. While heading down roads that look like they belong in a glamorous magazine or movie, you can easily stop and grab a soda out of your own fridge or pull off to the side of the road and have a spontaneous picnic.


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Editor’s note: Heather K. has been RVing for a couple of years, and in that time she has traveled to 15 states, RVed with friends across the country, and fell in love with RVing as a way of life. She loves traveling with her husband and two kids, but drags her friends into any travel opportunity possible. Her motto is always, “the more the merrier.”  You can find her adventures on her blog Mamas Spot.

As the leaves start changing and cool crisp air rolls in I start getting antsy to hit the road and soak it all in. It’s time to leave the city and see some amazing fall beauty. The place I want to be whisked away to is New England, for it has some of the best foliage in the world. The best way, and in my opinion, the only way to see all that New England has to offer is by RV. There is no better way to revel in the most unforgettable trip you will ever take. If you haven’t seen fall foliage in New England you haven’t really seen fall and if you haven’t done it in an RV you haven’t done it right! When visiting New England in the fall you will want to give yourself at least a week to do it. We decided to embark on our journey mid-October; going at this time had its challenges and its upsides. We found that a lot of the RV campgrounds have closed by the beginning of October or sooner, but that didn’t stop us from having a great time, and with more RV campgrounds closed it just meant that we weren’t fighting our way through other tourists.

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