Let me be totally honest for a second, there was a time during our travels when our bank account hit $67. It was September 2014 and we had no idea how we would finish our trip to all fifty states. Heck, we had no idea if we would be able to buy groceries.


The biggest hurdle to traveling is universal: finances.


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There’s nothing as liberating as roughing it in the wilderness. And for those of you who just load up a tent, grab some firewood, and stroll into the woods, more power to you. But for those of us who prefer a little less “rough” in our roughing it, here are a few tips and tricks to make the great outdoors a little more comfortable.


Keep the bugs away

Mosquitoes are the worst part of any camping trip. The whining, the itching, the constant slapping at yourself when all you wanna do is just sleep… Well, we’ve got your back. There are actually a lot of things you can do to keep the pests to a minimum!

Choose unscented hygiene products. Yup, bugs love all that nice-smelling perfume, vanilla hand soap, and cherry-scented body lotion. Also, make sure you choose a waterproof bug spray, especially since you’ll be relying on it almost exclusively on a long hike or while spending time outdoors with the family, so the last thing you want is to sweat or splash it off your skin. Waterproof is the way to go.

You’re gonna want to choose a campsite that’s generally unappealing to mosquitoes. We’re talking high and dry, my friend. Mosquitoes love a wet environment, so stay away from any boggy, misty or swampy areas.



Invest in a bug net that works for you. James Menta from Eagle’s Nest Outfitters recommends the Guardian Bugnet since it’s pretty lightweight, easy to put together, and comfortable to breathe under. Lastly, bring some fresh sage to throw on the fire. The scent should keep the mosquitoes away for hours.

Bring fresh sage like these smudge sticks to throw into the fire. This old camping trick should help keep your whole site bug-free.


Stay warm and dry

It’s a well-known fact that the campfire is the heart of every campsite. Don’t be left out in the cold because you’re unprepared. Keep a few household items handy so you can start your fire under any circumstances.

If you’re staying at a campground, only use the designated fire ring or fireplace, and if you’re camping in backcountry, make sure you have a fire permit.

Always have dry tinder in your pack to get your fire going on wet days. Dryer lint tucked into empty egg cartons with paraffin wax is a classic fire starter. Vaseline worked into cotton balls is another great lightweight alternative. To keep a fire going, if you have an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, squeeze some onto damp wood to keep it burning long enough to dry out. And if you’re really in a pinch, duct tape or Doritos are also highly flammable.

To dry your shoes overnight, stuff them with newspaper or dry clothing. The moisture will be absorbed and you can start fresh in the morning!


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October is the season of free candy and gut-wrenching horror, and there’s no better way to celebrate the latter than with a truly inspired campfire ghost story. But inciting fear isn’t exactly an easy feat to accomplish, so we’re here to help you master the art of the campfire ghost story. Just follow these tips and you’re guaranteed to spook your camping mates– just be careful… you don’t want to scare them too bad!

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It’s always such a great feeling to pull into a new campsite, but it’s even better when your neighbors for the week are people you love!



My mom and dad are RVers too. A few months ago we made plans to meet up with them, my sister, and her kids to go RVing in Door County, Wisconsin where we would wrap up our summer Great Lakes tour. We were all excited having never been to Door County and we enjoy RVing together as a family. This past spring we all met up to Go RVing in Mississippi and Louisiana.


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Stopping at a roadside pullout to stretch our legs and grab a quick bite to eat from our trailer kitchen, we are greeted with a view that stretches for miles and miles. These are the views that greet you in Idaho and instantly, I feel at home.

There is something about Idaho that comforts me. The lure of the beauty found here from the glorious mountains to the cool rushing rivers and green valleys down below welcome us back time after time.


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