It really has been forever and a day since we’ve made the trip to Leavenworth here in Washington State. The last time we visited was in winter, years ago, so to be able to experience summer here was exciting for us.

We arrived at the Thousand Trails campground in Leavenworth and were directed to our site, located right on the edge of a darling little lake. Tall, towering pines surrounded our site and at once I felt at peace.

Here is the view from the inside of our trailer looking out – I’m sorry we are not there right now. What a beautiful spot it was.

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Welcome to Mt. Rainier National Park in Washington State. If you ever come here to visit, be sure to put site D-29 at the White River Campground on your radar. It’s first-come-first-serve and if you can get into this spot, these are just some of the views you can enjoy:


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Stopping at a roadside pullout to stretch our legs and grab a quick bite to eat from our trailer kitchen, we are greeted with a view that stretches for miles and miles. These are the views that greet you in Idaho and instantly, I feel at home.

There is something about Idaho that comforts me. The lure of the beauty found here from the glorious mountains to the cool rushing rivers and green valleys down below welcome us back time after time.


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Situated along the banks of the Salmon River in North Fork, Idaho is where one can find the picturesque Wagonhammer RV Park. As we pull in and head to our site, we notice that this park has it all, including beautiful manicured landscaping, ample and very accommodating sites for RVs of all sizes and a general store complete with a charming gift boutique.


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About 90 miles from Portland, along Oregon’s beautiful coastline is where we found Jetty Fishery.  Talk about a hidden gem! We had spent the last couple of hours of driving being rather picky about which campground looked right for a stay. Sure, there were many very nice campgrounds that we stopped to check out, but somehow I had it in my head that there would be an even better one just down the road. I envisioned a waterfront site with access to the beach and a stellar view to boot. Not too much to ask for I thought (especially here along the Oregon coast), but as we drove on, that realization slowly started to slip from my mind and a panicky feeling came over me. “We better find a place to camp otherwise we’ll be driving in the dark,” I told hubby and he agreed. Just as I spoke those words we turned the bend and saw a sign that read, “Jetty Fishery, Marina & RV Park” and a sense of relief came over us.


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