A few years back we were deep-sea fishing off the coast in Washington State with a very lovely family-run charter business, when hubby decided to invite the captain, his crew and their families to come and join us back at camp for dinner.  “I’m sure Monica would love to cook up the catch of the day for you all!” He beamed (it was a very good day fishing, after all).  To set the record straight, the catch of the day happened to equate to one very fat 12-pound salmon, an extremely large bucket of over flowing prawns and no less than 12 extra-large Dungeness crabs.  As the boat rocked from the force of the waves, I grabbed the handrail and took a good foothold while taking a deep breath. I had visions of my tiny kitchen overrun with all this seafood and myself in the middle in utter despair. How on earth am I going to prepare a seafood feast for all our guests?

In the end, I survived that evening. As I look back, I’m not sure how, after all, I forgot to bone a freshly caught fish, forgot the salmon dip in the oven (which I discovered the next morning) and had no choice but to serve wine in coffee mugs.  Regardless of all that, everyone had a great time. I also realized that evening just how capable my RV kitchen was.

Since then we’ve enjoyed many great evenings with friends of ours along the way. Take for example the time we returned to Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands of Washington State where we entertained over 25 of our friends. This is when I learned that when your guests offer help, you take it. I also realized it’s quite alright not to cook every course from scratch. My friend Gavin who runs Asher & Olive’s catering business on the island came to my rescue with Bananas Foster for all of our friends. Thank you, Gavin!


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When lunchtime rolls around during our outdoor adventures, there is nothing more enjoyable than having a picnic. Fresh air, sunshine and good company not only makes for a great time, but the food, for some reason, always tastes divine.

When choosing what to pack for a picnic, I try and choose foods that are simple to eat and that do not require a lot of cutlery. Sometimes I will make sandwiches or wraps and throw in some extra snackables like individually wrapped cheeses as well as nuts that I place into a small jar. But one thing is for certain, if I happen to spy a local market, I will pay a visit to pick up some goodies like fried chicken, potato salad, fresh squeezed lemonade and sweet treats from the pastry counter. Picnic food at its best I say.

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There is something to be said about that wonderful feeling you get when you step into your clean RV before heading out on an adventure. In addition to the daily and weekly upkeep of a clean home on wheels, seasonal spring cleaning is just as important. Open up all the windows, put on your favorite music and come along with me as I take you through my step-by-step spring cleaning ritual. If you find you have an easier way to go about cleaning certain items, I’d sure to love hear!

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When we embark on a weeklong road trip, one of the first things I do to prepare is plan our menu. I have learned over the years that the key to every successful meal on the road is advanced planning and provisioning. I begin with my weekly menu planner I created to help me decide what our meals will be from day to day. Under each menu item there is a space to write down the groceries I need to buy. Down below, there is a an area where I write down the items I already have on hand that I can pack into the RV fridge/kitchen. It’s a very helpful tool for me. If you are interested in my menu planner, you can download the PDF of it HERE. I should also mention that I try to shop and cook just enough for the three of us so leftovers are kept to a bare minimum.


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Holiday traditions are an important part of our family life. One of our traditions over the Thanksgiving holiday is adventuring to the San Juan Islands of Washington State. Our destination? West Beach Resort on Orcas Island.

We arrive at the Anacortes Ferry Landing just as the sun begins to rise. We are serious early birds this morning and our wait time in line is minimal before our ferry arrives.   While we wait, we take our pup Oliver for a walk and chat with other people who too are waiting for the ferry. It’s a beautiful morning and we are so excited to be on this trip.


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