Christmas is my most favorite time of year. The traditions and meaning of the season are so deeply entrenched in me that for many years the thought of leaving home never occurred to me. It seemed to me that a Christmas away from home wouldn’t feel much like Christmas at all.

The first year we left home for the holidays, I was filled with anxiety. I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d regret taking my kids away from the familiar, not to mention myself. As it turned out, I worried needlessly.



Anything I could do at home, I could do in the RV. I decorated, baked, wrapped gifts, and played Christmas music. When we were pulled over for the night, we could cuddle up and watch a Christmas movie together. In our home away from home, Christmas was almost the same. Almost.



There was something missing that first Christmas away and it wasn’t until I had time to reflect on it, that I realized what it was—stress. There was a complete lack of holiday stress in the RV. We were gloriously free of any holiday obligations we would have had at home and the only schedule we had to adhere to was our own. It was so wonderful that I knew we would travel at Christmas again and again.



Perhaps what makes Christmas such a wonderful time to travel is that the spirit of the season is everywhere you look. From the stately and refined Savannah, to the bohemian Key West, the holiday spirit brings out the best in everyone, especially amongst like-minded RV’ers who’ve figured out that holiday stress can indeed be left behind.



If you’re considering RV’ing over the holidays but haven’t quite committed, here’s three things you should consider.


  • Plan now for next year. Christmas is a wildly popular time for travel and you may find that playing things by ear is difficult. The best spots to RV over the holidays are often booked up to a year in advance. We booked seven months ahead of time for Christmas at Fort Wilderness and eight months ahead of time for the Red Coconut RV park in Fort Myers, Florida.
  • Pack your Christmas décor, lots and lots of it. Our first Christmas away, we stayed at Fort Wilderness in Walt Disney World. I thought I was being oh so clever by packing our Santa Claus inflatable for outside our RV. That was a rookie mistake. My one inflatable looked sad and pathetic next to RV’ers that put Clark W. Griswold to shame. Be prepared to bring the merry.
  • Leave your guilt at home. Let your friends and extended family know well in advance that you’ll be leaving over the holidays. We didn’t want to miss wishing those we love a Merry Christmas, so last year we held our Christmas party early and had Christmas dinner with my parents in mid-December. When we pulled out of our driveway, it was with a clear conscience.


At the end of the day, Christmas is just as magical in the RV because as long as you’re together with those you love, wherever you roam is home.



Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.