With the holiday season in full swing and the countdown to Christmas started, I wanted to share some of my favorite ideas for the season of gift giving. The RVer on your list will be thrilled!

Digital Battery Air Pressure Gauge

Correct tire pressure is important especially for RVers. You risk blow outs when your tires are unmonitored and maintained at the incorrect pressure. Having an easy to read digital gauge will help you avoid a huge headache and possibly an accident while driving to your next destination.



Water Tank Filler

In our previous trailer, filling up the fresh water tank was chore. I would get soaked and water would get wasted. This attachment fits onto the end of the hose and easily delivers fresh water right into your fresh water tank and even has a shut off valve.

Weber Q Series Grill

We have tried several portable grills and I have found the Weber Q Series delivers the best heat, temperature control and a large grilling surface. The removable grates clean up easy. Plus, there are several accessories that are compatible.

Social Yearbook

What happens to all those great pictures you shared on Facebook? Especially, the ones of all your RV adventures? At SocialYearbook.com, you easily select a timeframe and all the pictures plus comments and likes will be printed into a sweet hard bound book. What a great way to keep all those memories preserved. Love this!



Collapsible Container for Trash

I love keeping a trash can outside and this collapsible container pops open for a convenient and portable trash can. This keeps our campsite clean and it keeps the kids from running in and out of the RV.

The Next Exit Book

This book is a MUST HAVE for any road tripper and I never leave home without it. Along all the interstate highways in the US, this amazing books lists every exit and the services provided such as gas stations, food, rest stops and much more.



Benchmark Road and Recreation Atlas

Maps are a necessity as a road traveler. This recreation atlas boasts a ton of information for any outdoor enthusiast including campgrounds, RV parks, trails, ski areas, natural wonders, historic sites, public lands maps, and the list goes on. I get a lot of my travel ideas from just using this map.



Ring Doorbell

I think this is an awesome product. Ring replaces your standard doorbell with a wide angle HD video that connects to your iPhone or Android device via Wi-Fi. Now you can answer your door whether you’re home or a 1,000 miles away. Perfect for when you’re traveling in your RV.



Pop up Food Covers

Eating outside means flies. I like to keep several of these pop up food covers on hand that way as we are cooking up food and enjoying a meal outside, our food stays protected under these covers until we are ready to eat.

Jawbone Jambox

This small portable speaker connects through Bluetooth to your device and packs a big sound. We carry a Jawbone Jambox with us to the beach, by the campfire and anywhere we want to enjoy some music.



And there you have it! My opinion of the several products that make my RV life just a little bit better.

From my family to yours, I wish you a wonderful holiday season filled with lots of laughter and good memories. Merry Christmas and God Bless. J


Disclaimer: These product endorsements are the opinion of Carley Alexander, and not of Go RVing.