Remember that moment? The moment when you bought your RV. You could almost smell the campfire and taste those s’mores. Chances are you visited websites collecting camping recipes or check out pictures inspiring you to fix up your RV home to make it your own. But now, it’s go time. Everyone is ready to turn those ideas into reality.


Campfire at First Beach


My number one tip for family RVing is planning. I don’t mean you have to arrange for every detail of your trip, but having your options mapped out or thought through is a good way to avoid hearing the exasperated, “I’m BORED.”

I like to remember my audience when I am planning a trip. Are we going for the family? Are we going for me? What are the goals? Answering these questions help me to decide on a destination. For example, I know with my family, I would rather plan a trip to Mt. Rainier versus taking the kids to Yakima for wine tasting.

Once I have a destination, I usually book nine to twelve months in advance. Here in Washington, the best time to travel is when the summer dry season arrives. That is also when everyone else travels, so booking far in advance will ensure you get that perfect RV spot.

The fun part starts a few weeks before that much anticipated departure date. I like to learn about where we are headed with my boys. Of course, the Internet is full of blogs and websites where you can learn from other people’s experiences. Combine that info with resources like the National Parks’ websites, and you and the kids will have a full list of activities to choose from. I know including my family in the research step gets us all excited about our destination.

Another recommendation I have about RVing with the kids is follow a packing list. I have one on my computer and I print it off before every trip. I can’t tell you how many times it has saved me from forgetting something. With five people in my family, it is way easy to forget someone’s hat or rain jacket or even a bathing suit. One time I forgot to pack shoes when one of my kids was very young, and I remember very well him wearing my gloves on his feet the whole weekend!

Finally, the last thing I think about before heading out is the food. When I am camping I like to plan easy, but filling, meals. Most of the time, we have a hearty breakfast, usually pack lunch to go, and when we get back to camp, a big dinner. Having your meals planned ahead of time takes the guess work and stress out of mealtime. And don’t forget the s’mores! 🙂


Picnic lunch when the kids were little


Now it’s time to relax and enjoy the moment. RV camping is incredibly fun and one of the best things about it is the ability to be flexible. Flexibility is easiest with preparation because not everything goes according to plan.

One question I get asked a lot is what happens when you get rained out? My answer is always that the show must go on. Living in Seattle, there is always a chance for rain. So for us, donning a rain jacket and continuing our plans is how we roll. With that said, there are times, when the weather is just plain miserable. When that happens, our RV is packed with board games, cards, and dominoes. Sometimes we even arrange the folding chairs outside our RV under the awning and play while it pours around us! And we always have a good movie with us to watch.


Hiking in the rain with my mom


The time is now. Let’s make some travel plans, let’s unplug from our devices, let’s make some new memories, and let’s find your AWAY. God Bless 🙂