Have the winter doldrums set in yet? It’s been a cold one so far, even for the lucky residents of the southern states. If everything at home seems dull and dreary, but the rest of the world seems shiny and new, indulge your wanderlust. Winter can get you down, but sometimes a little distance from your at-home life will give you a fresh perspective. Whether it’s a romantic getaway, a spontaneous ski weekend, or a family gathering, a little travel is just what the doctor ordered. Pack your bags, grab your sweetie, and hit the road.



The most romantic gift you can give this Valentine’s Day is your time and a treasured memory. And winter is a wonderful time for romance. A few of the most romantic spots in the US might surprise you. USA Today named St. Paul the most romantic getaway city in North America last year. There’s fine dining, especially of the seafood variety, a vibrant nightlife, luxurious spa experiences, and plenty of outdoor activities.  But if your idea of romance doesn’t include snow, definitely consider heading down to Texas.  Check out the Padre Island National Seashore for 65 miles of shoreline.  It may not always be sunbathing weather, but it is frequently the warmest spot in the continental US during the dead of winter.



Of course, romance isn’t the only reason to escape your house this winter. Mardi Gras is coming, and with it all the festivities you can handle. If winter’s got you down, the gorgeous climate and the happy crowds will be sure to lift your spirits. Mardi Gras is an expensive time to stay in New Orleans, so aren’t you glad you have that handy RV? This may be the last year for RV City, where close to 200 RVers gather for the festival every year, so take advantage while you can.



Don’t forget that Presidents’ Day means free admission to our national parks. If you have a park on your bucket list, this is your chance to go check it out. Bryce Canyon is at its most dramatic beauty when covered in snow and the crowds are pretty thin during the cold season. If you can handle the chill, it’s a great time to visit. Yellowstone is also an unusual choice for winter, but the hot geysers against a snowy backdrop are an unbeatable sight. More traditional winter park destinations include Death Valley National Park or the Everglades. The summer temperatures for these parks can be unbearable, making winter a busy but prime time to visit.

No matter which direction you head towards to escape the winter blues, there’s lots to see and explore. Winter won’t last forever, so make sure you enjoy everything it has to offer.