Another favorite camping spot for our family is Palo Duro Canyon State Park, the second largest canyon in the country, second only to the Grand Canyon. It is rugged canyon land that has a lot of hiking and biking trails.

The State Park campsites are down in the canyon along with most of the hiking trails. The Hackberry Camp Area offers more trees and privacy.

For this trip we went with some good friends who also enjoy RVing. They brought their own travel trailer and camped in the site next to ours. Our kids had a blast having their friends along.

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The spirit of the holiday season is all about the quality time spent together with our loved ones. And while these days it’s increasingly easy to forget this simple truth, there’s nothing quite like reminiscing about holidays past to remind one’s self about the traditions and memories a family shares.

With this in mind, we asked our Scenic Route contributors to share with us their favorite memories of RVing during the holidays with their families. Please join us in reflecting on the memories you’ve experienced and share your holiday favorites in the comments.

Jeffrey Eatley


Our RV has given us the chance of a lifetime. It has brought us together and made us a better family.  Each and every trip, big or small, has created memories that our kids will surely be telling their children, like when we went RVing to the beach for the first time and the first taste of the ocean water.  These are magical moments to me and having a camera to capture them means they will live on forever. We have only had our RV for two years but it has become a part of us. We bring “home” with us wherever we go.  I always thought we would have an RV when we retired and could spend time traveling. That would have been a mistake to miss all the time with our whole family, to miss moments that we can never get back, and to give our kids adventures to places they may never have seen. I hope to instill this love of adventure in them and their future families. If you have the chance to RV, take it and it just might change you forever. It has for us and for that I am truly grateful.

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We are the Hedges: Jason, Shannon and our five kids. We live and work in Lubbock, Texas but travel in our RV whenever we can. RVing lets us pursue our love for family time, nature, hiking and photography, all with the comforts of home!

Our family of seven recently went on our 6th annual camping trip to Cloudcroft, New Mexico – a reasonable 4-5 hour drive from home. The cool mountain air gives very welcome relief to our usual hot, dry, Texas summer days.

This was our first trip to Cloudcroft with our new travel trailer. We did not have hook ups, but we loved having Lincoln National Forest right out our front door. We had all the benefits of tent with the luxury of the RV.

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Is there anything better than watching the snow fall while you are snug and warm inside? Maybe the only thing better is if you are snug and warm inside your RV. Winter is here, but that’s no reason to hibernate. When else you can embrace activities such as skiing, ice skating, snow-shoeing, and any other snow-related activity.

Winter RVing is a magical experience. For one thing, there are no bugs. Camping in the quiet, ethereal snow is like no other camping experience. Consider the Mt. Hood National Forest in Oregon for some prime winter camping. Have you tried skijoring? This apparently involves being towed on skis by your dog. Or Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan might actually be more fun in winter. Ice-climbing and ice-fishing in Lake Superior are not to be missed. Just be sure you and your RV are fully prepared for the winter weather.

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Editor’s note: Heather K. has been RVing for a couple of years, and in that time she has traveled to 15 states, RVed with friends across the country, and fell in love with RVing as a way of life. She loves traveling with her husband and two kids, but drags her friends into any travel opportunity possible. Her motto is always, “the more the merrier.”  You can find her adventures on her blog Mamas Spot.

As the leaves start changing and cool crisp air rolls in I start getting antsy to hit the road and soak it all in. It’s time to leave the city and see some amazing fall beauty. The place I want to be whisked away to is New England, for it has some of the best foliage in the world. The best way, and in my opinion, the only way to see all that New England has to offer is by RV. There is no better way to revel in the most unforgettable trip you will ever take. If you haven’t seen fall foliage in New England you haven’t really seen fall and if you haven’t done it in an RV you haven’t done it right! When visiting New England in the fall you will want to give yourself at least a week to do it. We decided to embark on our journey mid-October; going at this time had its challenges and its upsides. We found that a lot of the RV campgrounds have closed by the beginning of October or sooner, but that didn’t stop us from having a great time, and with more RV campgrounds closed it just meant that we weren’t fighting our way through other tourists.

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