There is nothing like setting up your home with a backyard that includes mountains or rivers. You just can’t beat bringing along your home on wheels to experience our country’s natural beauty and explore the endless cultural opportunities. Some people take “there’s no place like home” a step further and remodel their RVs to fit their unique personalities and interests, just like any brick and mortar home.

Check out these five gorgeous fifth wheel remodels.


Chelsie and Ryan



Chelsie & Ryan are 20-something newlyweds who travel the US in their renovated camper with their fluffy goldendoodle puppy. They speak for their company Trades of Hope, while photographing their travels along the way. They love waking up in the woods, watching Parks & Rec together, and coffee shop hopping in each city they visit. Their RV remodel is light, bright, and open with pops of color and whimsical touches.


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Many RVers will tell you that fall is their favorite time of the year to go RVing. Much of the country transforms into a spectacle of color and beauty during this time of year, but that’s just part of it. Here’s just a few of the reasons why we think everyone should schedule a fall RV trip before they winterize or, if they’re snowbirds, head south for the winter.



The Colors

Fall foliage is nature’s way of making us smile. With tracking sites on the Internet, we’re able to know the exact days the foliage will be peaking so it’s easy to make camping plans for the right dates at the right spots. It’s incredible how much the foliage can change in just a few weeks. If you’re a full-timer or have flexibility with your time, you might want to consider heading to a scenic area while it’s still a little green and stay a few weeks to watch this incredible event unfold.


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Holiday traditions are an important part of our family life. One of our traditions over the Thanksgiving holiday is adventuring to the San Juan Islands of Washington State. Our destination? West Beach Resort on Orcas Island.

We arrive at the Anacortes Ferry Landing just as the sun begins to rise. We are serious early birds this morning and our wait time in line is minimal before our ferry arrives.   While we wait, we take our pup Oliver for a walk and chat with other people who too are waiting for the ferry. It’s a beautiful morning and we are so excited to be on this trip.


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I had no idea what to expect when we planned this trip. Reading about historical battleground sites led me to believe we would walk up to a big open field and just stand there, staring out into the vast openness, feeling uninspired. For me, this place offered more. Observing history outside of a book is incredibly fascinating for me and I love sharing that excitement with my family.

The Battle of Little Bighorn took place in June of 1876 and was part of The Sioux War of 1876. During this two day battle, a force of 700 men lead by Lt. Col. George A. Custer suffered a defeat to the Native Americans. Including Custer, a total of 263 U.S. Army lives were lost. Ultimately, the United States prevailed against the Native Americans who were shuffled to reservations, forever changing their way of life.

We spent a lot of time at the battlefield. We paid our respects at Custer National Cemetery, toured the museum, and listened to the park rangers recount the battle of the U.S. Army versus Lakota and Cheyenne warriors.



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“Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life”

–J K Rowling



Into each life a little rain must fall; an adage frequently, and seemingly somewhat flippantly, spoken by those not currently employing the use of a heavy duty umbrella to deflect, not “a little rain,” but a monsoon. Dawn Wilson was caught in such a monsoon and it lead her to recreate the life she had always imagined.


Dawn Wilson grew up in the southern part of New Jersey. She was an active, outdoor kid who was a lover of all animals and dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. Photography was an interest of hers as well and something she studied and took workshops on but, by the time it came down to actually declaring a college major, Dawn went with ‘practical’ and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Rowan University. She moved to Philadelphia and worked in publishing while earning a Master’s degree in Marketing from Temple University. Her childhood desires had changed and she was now consumed with climbing the corporate ladder and enjoying the economic fruits of her hard work. She had new goals now: big house, great cars and lots of exotic travel destinations. She and her live-in partner Aeric strove for the golden ring and worked very hard at reaching it.


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