It’s always such a great feeling to pull into a new campsite, but it’s even better when your neighbors for the week are people you love!



My mom and dad are RVers too. A few months ago we made plans to meet up with them, my sister, and her kids to go RVing in Door County, Wisconsin where we would wrap up our summer Great Lakes tour. We were all excited having never been to Door County and we enjoy RVing together as a family. This past spring we all met up to Go RVing in Mississippi and Louisiana.


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We agreed together at the beginning that we were not going to let cancer steal our joy.

Cher Bergdahl


Cher Bergdahl of Othello, Washington had what most people would consider a happy life. She was a happily retired mom with three grown children, five grandchildren and she was anxiously anticipating the approaching retirement of Bud, her husband of 40 years.  They had plans and they were looking forward to this next chapter in their lives.


Cher and Bud had big plans for their retirement and family!


It didn’t seem as if anything could get in the way of the life Cher and Bud were planning, but Cher had been doing a little thing that lots of women, myself included, tend to do. We hear the PSAs about breast cancer awareness and the importance of exams and mammograms and we tell ourselves that there’s no cancer in our families, and that whenever we have gotten a mammogram it has always been negative, so we can skip a year or two. Cher’s year or two had turned into more than a few and her husband’s pleading had failed to produce an actual appointment. Cher had no intention of getting a mammogram any time soon, but fate was about to intervene. Cher’s daughter Aubrey had a dear friend whose mother had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. It upset Aubrey and her sister Shannen so much that they made a tearful and insistent plea to their mother, “If not for your sake, then please, just do it for us. We love you and need you here in our lives.” Like most mothers Cher was unable to say no to that pure love coming at her.

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Many have dreams of buying an RV. Whether you plan on living in an RV full-time or if you are only interested in the occasional getaway, there are many ways for you to afford one so that you can start living your RV dream.

One of the many factors holding back a potential RVer is that they are unsure if they can afford the RV lifestyle.

The answer: Yes! You just have to do your research, prepare your finances, and be realistic.

Do your homework and know your budget to find the right RV for you!


There are four main components that go into affording the RV lifestyle. By evaluating them, you can do your research and determine how much money you need to save or earn in order to afford the RV lifestyle.

These include setting an RV budget, creating a monthly travel budget, finding ways to save money while on the road, and lastly, earning money on the road. Below is a further description of each.

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Forests, lakes, waterfalls, beaches, streams, sand dunes, ponds, and abundant wildlife are all a part of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.



We continued our adventure in Munising, MI, along Lake Superior’s southern shore. I called ahead to the campground to ask about available spots and the campground informed me that someone had just made a cancellation on a waterfront site! This isn’t the first time this has happened.


For instance, we used to live near Refugio Beach State Park in California. It’s a gorgeous campground right on the Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately, it books up a year in advance. While our busy schedules wouldn’t allow us to make reservations that far in advance, we could always get by calling and and asking about cancellations. People’s plans change all the time and if you are consistent (and polite) you’re bound to get a spot at some of the busiest campgrounds… or in this case one of the few lakefront spots!


Lake superior is the largest, coldest, and deepest of all the Great Lakes. It’s beautiful to behold and we were so excited that it was right in our backyard!


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Welcome to Mt. Rainier National Park in Washington State. If you ever come here to visit, be sure to put site D-29 at the White River Campground on your radar. It’s first-come-first-serve and if you can get into this spot, these are just some of the views you can enjoy:


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