“Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life”

–J K Rowling



Into each life a little rain must fall; an adage frequently, and seemingly somewhat flippantly, spoken by those not currently employing the use of a heavy duty umbrella to deflect, not “a little rain,” but a monsoon. Dawn Wilson was caught in such a monsoon and it lead her to recreate the life she had always imagined.


Dawn Wilson grew up in the southern part of New Jersey. She was an active, outdoor kid who was a lover of all animals and dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. Photography was an interest of hers as well and something she studied and took workshops on but, by the time it came down to actually declaring a college major, Dawn went with ‘practical’ and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Rowan University. She moved to Philadelphia and worked in publishing while earning a Master’s degree in Marketing from Temple University. Her childhood desires had changed and she was now consumed with climbing the corporate ladder and enjoying the economic fruits of her hard work. She had new goals now: big house, great cars and lots of exotic travel destinations. She and her live-in partner Aeric strove for the golden ring and worked very hard at reaching it.


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Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one come to you without leaving happier. 

-Mother Teresa


There are people in this world who just make you happy. Being around them raises endorphins and inspires hopefulness. They are natural born doers. Everything that is interesting to them is something to be studied, assimilated, processed and reimagined in their own inventive and creative way. They tackle new things with a gusto that looks like a train whizzing by to the rest of us. Before we even know what is happening, they are publishing a book on it.

Kaye England is one of those world-class doers. Her contagious energy gives lift to those who are “thinking about it.” Whatever the ‘it’ is that others are thinking about, Kaye is doing. In her life she has become a well-known quilter and teacher of quilting with many published books on the subject. She’s a gardener, farmer, goat and llama breeder, writer, interior decorator, scrap booker, and fabric designer. At various times, she was also the owner of five different retail shops. These are but a few of her accomplishments. I have to take a nap after just listing these achievements. To Kaye however, these are not accomplishments, just the way she lives her life. She doesn’t set out to achieve. She sets out to explore what interests her and she has a way of taking it to the next level! In the process she inspires all who know her and are lucky enough to be part of her world. Her presence in a room lightens moods and encourages activity.

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