Remember that moment? The moment when you bought your RV. You could almost smell the campfire and taste those s’mores. Chances are you visited websites collecting camping recipes or check out pictures inspiring you to fix up your RV home to make it your own. But now, it’s go time. Everyone is ready to turn those ideas into reality.


Campfire at First Beach


My number one tip for family RVing is planning. I don’t mean you have to arrange for every detail of your trip, but having your options mapped out or thought through is a good way to avoid hearing the exasperated, “I’m BORED.”

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I love our RV. It’s our home and it’s our escape. Our RV has the comforts of a house complete with a shower, stove, oven, indoor and outdoor kitchen, televisions, DVD players, internet and stereo systems. Not too mention the computers and mobile devices we carry with us. I think our RV has enough technology to rival the space station.

Despite the RV having all the comforts of home and the latest and greatest gadgets, our RV is a wonderful way to escape and to unplug.

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