We are family! I’ve got all my sisters with me. We are family. Get up everybody and sing. Everyone can see that we’re together, as we walk on by. Hey, and we fly just like birds of a feather. I won’t tell no lie. All of the people around us they say, can they be that close? Just let me state for the record, we’re giving love in a family dose. – Sister Sledge


I think it is certainly safe to say that we live in times in which the image of what constitutes a family has changed. There are many people who, for varied reasons, find themselves in the position of not having “blood” kin to share their lives with. Growing up in Ohio, Sister on the Fly, Pam Elson could not have imagined that she would ever find herself in need of family. Her parents and two brothers were a close family with cousins and aunts and uncles in nearby Kent, Ohio. They enjoyed camping vacations and first owned a pop up trailer and then graduated to a little “canned ham,” Metzendorf. Pam recalls the fun of traveling to Novia Scotia to camp and hoped to one day recreate those happy times with a family of her own.


Upper left: the family wagon with their Metzendorf trailer behind it

Upper right: Pam with her brother and dad toasting marshmallows on a family camping trip

Lower left: Pam at her campsite in the 1960s

Lower right: Pam, the future cowgirl!


In her early twenties Pam married her first love, an Ohio farmer, and set out to make a life. Let’s just say that things didn’t go as planned and she filed for divorce less than two years later. In her mid-twenties and single, Pam found a job at Fed Ex. For 17 years she was a Fed Ex driver. For another ten years she worked in the Fed Ex offices. During that time Pam was socially busy but never met “the one.” She bought a house near her family and enjoyed holidays with her parents and brothers. She has an incredible eye for design and enjoys thrifting, flea markets and furniture arranging! With or without a husband and children it was her need and desire to “nest.” She created a beautiful home near her parents and brothers and life was good.

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Our weather in the Pacific Northwest has been nothing short of amazing. Perfect time to hook up the trailer and head out on a road trip. This time we drove east of the Cascade Mountains to explore the Wenatchee area.

Our basecamp was the Wenatchee River County Park, or WRCP. We love this place. WRCP is just off the highway and is laid out like a park with large lawns for spreading out and plenty of room for the kids to run. My favorite is loop B due to its proximity to the play park. I can relax in my lounge chair right outside my RV and watch the kids all day at the merry-go-round. A nice benefit of this park is the low traffic giving me peace of mind while the kids wander on their toys. Forget your bike?  No worries, WRCP has bikes to check out.  They offer several amenities like free WiFi, laundry, showers, bathrooms, volleyball, horseshoes, basketball hoop, golfing cage, free movie and book check-out, work-out areas, and a Ping-Pong table. One downside to WRCP are the passing trains that pass through all hours of the day and night.



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