“You’ll never get to shower.”

“No bathroom? No thanks.”

“There’s no way you’d get me out there without electricity.”



The list goes on. We could probably write a short book with all of the objections we heard from family, friends, and random people when they learned we lived in our RV. Some of it was probably attributable to not understanding why we wanted to make a dramatic change in our lifestyle, some likely due to a fear of leaving modern amenities, and some was probably just people who like to rain on others’ parades.


We knew we wanted to spend as much time away from large cities as we possibly could, and we were even wanting to spend as little time hooked up in RV parks as possible. We had lots of experience car camping and backpacking, but neither of us had really ever spent time in an RV. Even though this was going to be new experience with a quick learning curve, we felt like we were setting ourselves up for success because we were doing something that we each really wanted. We wanted boondocking.


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You can continue spending money replacing dead RV batteries, but a more practical money saving solution is to determine what caused the battery to die and try to prevent it from happening again.



It’s not uncommon for RV batteries to die long before they should. A report I recently read stated 85% of lead-acid batteries manufactured in the U.S. die before they should. And I see it all the time, RV owners replacing batteries every year or two. That can get expensive real fast.

Sometimes we tend to overlook the simplest maintenance requirements on our RV, and these maintenance oversights can be costly. I put RV batteries on top of the list for items on the RV that are commonly overlooked. Fortunately if you understand what kills a battery, and perform some simple battery preventive maintenance you can stop the batteries from dying an early death.

Let’s look at some of the factors that contribute to battery failure:

  • Sulfation
  • Parasitic loads
  • Self-discharging
  • Overcharging
  • Undercharging
  • Lack of maintenance



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We purchased our first RV seven years ago because we had a serious case of wanderlust and a set of brand new twin babies. An RV seemed like the most affordable and comfortable way to keep traveling, even with all the complexities that these little guys had brought into our lives.


That pop up camper purchase ended up being the perfect decision for us, and we have been able to travel more than we ever dreamed possible when we initially decided to test out the RV lifestyle. Over the years, we kept going farther away from home and spending more time on the road.



To be honest, it rarely occurred to us to camp where we live on the New Jersey shore. If we were going to plan a getaway, pack up the gear, and hitch up the RV, we thought the bigger the trip the better. It took us awhile to realize we were missing out on one of the best RV experiences there is – camping close to home.


Once we spent our first weekend at a campground about 30 miles away from our house, we were completely hooked. While big RV trips far from home are exciting and energizing, shorter RV trips close to home are relaxing and peaceful. And let’s face it…they are a lot easier to pull off for working parents with busy kids!


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Most RVers put a ton of time into researching the best campgrounds for their family vacations and weekend getaways. They will pour over catalogues, read online reviews, post questions in forums, and binge listen to podcasts.



But when it comes time to reserve a campsite, these same research junkies just put in their travel dates and leave the actual campsite selection to an impersonal computer algorithm.


Not us.


We have stayed at hundreds of campgrounds around this country and can say one thing for certain: even the best campgrounds and RV parks have a couple mediocre (or just plain bad) sites. Even more importantly, there is no one-size-fits-all ideal. The best campsite for a family with small children might be a young couple’s worst nightmare.



The key to enjoying campground bliss lies in knowing the exact type of site you want, and then making the effort to reserve that spot. Here are ten questions we recommend asking before booking your next great adventure.

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James and I have a woodpecker that’s taken up residence in a huge Silver Maple tree in the backyard of “The Fit RV” Headquarters.



In fact, I can hear him as I type, which is why he’s made his way in my article. He’s up on the roof pecking at the metal flashing on our chimney. It echoes down into my office, but doesn’t bother me. On the contrary, I find it amusing. He’s like an adorable little pet doing a silly trick.


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