It was a lovely day in the mountains of Tennessee without a cloud in the sky, so we decided to relax for a while in our next campground. The Deer Run RV Resort, nestled next to a 25-acre lake, quickly began to feel like home.

The girls loved exploring the campground and the nature right outside our door. During a family walk, they played in the leaves and enjoyed some hide-and-go-seek in the trees – complete with finding a gaggle of geese, which the girls loved. The weather was getting colder, so we all gathered wood to build a campfire. It really was a great day – one of our favorites of the trip.


Nothing says “summer” quite like biting into a fresh, juicy, sun-ripened peach. Hopping into your RV and heading to a peach orchard is a great way to celebrate summer.

Peach Orchard
The best part of visiting farms in your RV is that you can properly store your orchard-fresh produce immediately. Some peach-picking tips to keep in mind: Peaches are highly perishable, so only pick what you can eat in a few days. Wait to wash fruit right before you eat it. And for best flavor, store peaches at room temperature and eat them within three to four days.

If you need to store them, refrigerate peaches in a plastic bag for humidity and use them within two days. When you are ready to indulge, let refrigerated peaches warm to room temperature to bring out their full delicious flavor. Oh, and have plenty of napkins ready. It’s great to support local growers and stock up on this tasty summer treat while you can.

Lane Southern Orchards (Fort Valley, GA): Georgia is known for its peaches, so it would be criminal not to include a Georgia peach farm first on the list! They also grow pecans, berries, kiwis, and more. Plus, they sell pies, cobbler, ice cream, and other sweet treats. Careful, though. They claim their peaches are so juicy, you’ll need to stand in a bathtub while you eat them!

Ham’s Orchard (Terrell, TX): At this Texas peach farm, they let their peaches get super ripe for maximum juicy goodness – and those sweet peaches taste excellent fresh off a tree or blended into creamy ice cream – perfect for an RV trip pit stop. You can’t go wrong with either! Mmmm…

Apple Hill Orchards (Mansfield, OH): The name may say “apple,” but that’s not all they do – this orchard also grows a mean peach! With eight varieties peach that can be harvested between July and September, you’ll have to bring your RV back a few times to try them all.

Melick’s Town Farm (Hunterdon County, NJ): Not every peach orchard offers a pick-your-own-peach option, but Melick’s does. They have over 5,000 peach trees, so you could spend all day looking for the perfect peach.

Hollin Farms (Delaplane, VA): Another great pick-your-own option, this Virginia farm lets people pick a peck of perfect peaches – or corn, or potatoes, or flowers… the options are endless. You could literally fill your whole RV with fresh produce!

Wolfe Ranch (Brentwood, CA): These fruit farmers know a lot about their produce, so rest assured that you’ll get assistance when picking your peaches – the proper picking technique, where in the orchards to find the ripest peaches, and even recipes. What a great way to mix up your typical RVing diet.

Jones Orchard (Millington, TN): These peaches are “fragile, local jewels” that should be consumed shortly after harvesting. That won’t be hard, since they’re so tasty.