Antelope Canyon is a part of Navajo Nation in Arizona, and has been described as one of the most photogenic places on earth. Although it’s not nearly on the scale of the Grand Canyon, it’s arguably just as beautiful and impressive in its own way. It’s a slot canyon, with walls as high as 4,000 feet, notable for the beautiful “flowing” appearance of the Navajo Sandstone, an impression created by the running rainwater that floods it annually during monsoon season. Many slot canyons are too narrow for the light to really reveal the vibrant colors of the stone, but Antelope Canyon is a very fortunate exception to the rule. The shapes and colors of the canyon, as well as the light, can create some truly stunning photographs. Antelope once roamed freely there, eliciting its name. There are really two canyons, the Upper and the Lower.


Image Courtesy of Mark Byzewski


Upper Antelope Canyon is also known by its Navajo name, Tsé bighánílíní, meaning “the place where water runs through rocks.” It’s such a photographer’s dream that photography tours are available for professionals and serious amateurs. There are camera requirements for the tour, so don’t think you can just show up with your iPhone. Guides will show you the best angles and how to capture the best light. The play of light, shadow, shape and color all come together here, so be sure to follow guide recommendations on the best time of day to visit.


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One of our newest bloggers, Jerome Braga with Our One Chance is a professional photographer currently snowbirding and blogging throughout the country with his family in their 2014 Evergreen Bay Hill Fifth Wheel RV. As a professional photographer, he knows how to take the perfect picture to preserve your family’s adventures. Check out his eight tips to make the most out of every shot.


  1. Stop taking selfies! No, not really, but ultimately there is some truth in it. For the most part, selfies and groupies are only good for some instant, geo-tagged, social gratification. Hey, look at me! I’m Here! (Insert 25 likes)


Disney World, FL


In the photo above, we are visiting the “Happiest Place on Earth!” Can’t you tell? When you look back on your trip, you are not going to remember a whole lot about the experience from that particular photograph. After all, it is only of your face. So my suggestion is to BACK UP and move away from the camera! Make use of the world’s original free selfie stick, and ask someone to take your photo for you. I asked a nice lady to be my selfie stick and take the photo below with our camera.



 Disney World, FL

{Important note… please return the favor by asking if you can take a picture for that person as well}

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There are some places in this country that will take your breath away. I call them my RV Bucket List Locations. We decided to take a trip to magnificent Southwest Utah and knock two of these off our list.

We wanted to add some extra adventure to this trip by boondocking on BLM Land at the Grand Staircase-Escalante just outside of Kanab, UT to break up the drive from Cottonwood, AZ. We looked online and found what seemed to be the perfect spot on the Paria River. When we arrived, we were blown away!



We were the only humans as far as we could see. There was unlimited hiking along the river or into the buttes. We made sure to go on a new hike each day and would often bring our dog.


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Stopping at a roadside pullout to stretch our legs and grab a quick bite to eat from our trailer kitchen, we are greeted with a view that stretches for miles and miles. These are the views that greet you in Idaho and instantly, I feel at home.

There is something about Idaho that comforts me. The lure of the beauty found here from the glorious mountains to the cool rushing rivers and green valleys down below welcome us back time after time.


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