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Go to Space Camp. Rocket scientist Dr. Wernher von Braun wanted a place to inspire kids about space travel, and the result was Space Camp, where kids participate in simulated missions, experience what gravity feels like on the moon, and spin themselves silly on the multi-axis trainer.



Go dogsledding. Whether you want to see the northern lights, explore Denali National Park or visit a glacier, get there by dogsled. The cold air in your face as you glide across the snow…there’s nothing else like it. Mush!



Camp out in the Grand Canyon. But don’t stare at it for five minutes and then wonder, “Now what?” There are plenty of wonders waiting to be discovered inside the canyon. Climb down and explore, then spend the night under the stars at Mather Campground.



Dig for diamonds. Visit Crater of Diamonds State Park to find your own gemstones. It’s the only diamond-producing site in the world that is open to the public, so start digging!




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Star light, star bright…ring a bell? There’s something captivating about stars and the fact that they’re light-years away but we can still see them at night, twinkling in the sky. Plus, they’re great for making wishes! Here are a few handpicked stargazing destinations to enchant you along your RV journey. 1. Black Mesa State Park , Oklahoma Pack some snacks and hit the road, Jack, because Black Mesa State Park in Oklahoma is a stargazing destination for the books! The mesa, which gave the park its name, is the highest point in Oklahoma, reaching 4,973 feet above sea level. Park your RV and take a hike up this rock plateau for an unbeatable view of the Milky Way! 2. Arches National Park, Utah Not only is Arches National Park a whirlwind of contrasting colors and land formations during the day, but at night a whole other form of beauty comes about. The dark night sky engulfs the national park and turns every inch of it into a giant observatory! Not to mention, the arches make for interesting shapes against the nightscape.   3. Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, California Want to get even closer to the night sky? Stop at Cuyamaca Rancho State Park in California and hike more than 100 trails to reach over 5,000 feet above sea level for a truly “wow-tastic” view of the night sky in all its wonder. The star-peeping here is sure to blow your mind!  4. Devil’s Tower National Monument, Wyoming Devil’s Tower National Monument is not only sacred ground to the Lakota Native American tribe, but it’s also sacred territory for avid stargazers! This national monument is prime star-spotting real estate. And lucky for us, it’s open to the public! 5. Shenandoah National Park, Virginia Last stop, Shenandoah National Park – the mother of all stargazing destinations. There’s a reason “Virginia is for lovers” and it’s because it’s hard not to fall in love under this breathtaking night sky. Shenandoah’s skyline drive is the perfect place to take it all in, but make sure you pull over before stargazing! Is your favorite stargazing location not on the list? Leave us a tip in the comments below!