Hi there! Megan & Drikus from the Fiddy States here! As native Australians, we’ve spent the last six months taking a break from work so we could travel the United States. Our goal was to see all 50 states, and now we can finally say that we have made it. 
Today, we’re excited to share with you our top 10 favorite RV destinations. This was a hard one since there are so many good places to choose from, but in no particular order, here we go!


  1.   Alaska



Alaska was by far our favorite state for many reasons. First, we LOVED having 24 hours of daylight during the summer. The sun would go down behind the mountains for about 3 hours and then slowly start coming up again. This allowed us to stay up late and enjoy all the amazingly beautiful scenery that Alaska has to offer. Exploring the entire state was amazing and we had a great time camping in various state parks, cooking on the grill and sitting next to the campfire watching the abundant Alaskan wildlife.


  1.  Valley of the Gods, Utah



The Valley of the Gods was by far our favorite boondocking location, and we’d definitely recommend this to anyone who has an RV and a few days to spend in the area. Utah is filled with breathtaking scenery, and we really loved the vivid orange colors and the vastness of the different rock formations – we definitely gave our DSLR a workout with the amount of photos we took. Utah actually reminded us a little bit of the outback back home. There is so much to explore in the surrounding areas, and we highly recommend Arches National Park for anyone who likes to hike!

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If you are interested in history, science, art, and government, there is no better place to go RVing than Washington D.C. We had high expectations for our visit to our nation’s capitol and D.C. met and exceeded every one. We spent 10 days exploring museums, neighborhoods, monuments, and other national treasures.


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Wait! New York City? In an RV?

Yes, it’s totally possible. While you won’t find any camping in Manhattan (no camping in Central Park, sorry!) there is camping nearby and with a massive and reliable public transit system spending a few days visiting New York City couldn’t be easier. Not to mention staying in an RV makes visiting America’s largest city (also one of the most expensive cities) more affordable.

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