Top 20 #ThingsRVersSay

To celebrate 20 years of Go RVing, we asked YOU to share your favorite #ThingsRVersSay. What’s your favorite “RVism”? Let us know by leaving a comment!

Happiness in a camper


RV there yet




Just want to go camping




At home wherever we roam


Slow down and turn here


this is how we roll


drive this by myself




best way to travel with family


don't unpack


Less is more


the journey is as important as the destination


no rush


miles and smiles


road trip


not all who wander are lost


no phones or tv



time to Go RVing


RVing gives you the flexibility to explore the U.S. and it’s easy to romanticize the idea of RVing full time. While full-timing is an exciting endeavor, the reality is that there are struggles and sacrifices for this lifestyle to thoughtfully consider before diving in. Below are 9 struggles we realized as we lived on the road and how we learned to handle them.


Limited Storage Space

No matter how minimal you live, moving your life into an RV will challenge that! You have limited closet and storage space, and even your fridge can only hold so much food. Leading up to our time in the Airstream, we had already started living more minimally. Each year we would purge belongings we no longer used and tried not to hold onto stuff just because we had the space for it. It’s a great way to live whether you’re in an RV or not, and we’ve realized how many things we have that we really don’t need.


Tight Quarters

What is more difficult than limited storage space, is limited living space! When you are in each other’s personal space all the time, it’s impossible to avoid conflict. You don’t realize how precious alone time is until it’s taken away. We found that the best solutions were going for walks/hikes, or setting up a comfortable outdoor space so that someone can hang out under the awning when alone time is needed.

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Have it all. The American Dream. The American Way. Not enough hours in the week.  Keeping up with the Joneses, Work Hard/Play Hard. All these colloquialisms defined our life as typical self-employed New Englanders. We had a crazy dream- work remotely for a few months so as to travel cross country. Another typical bucket list adventure / goal that we wanted to add to our ballooning list of accomplishments and acquisitions. What we never expected, was our four-month trip across the U.S. and back would change our outlook on everything we’ve been working 90 hrs. a week to maintain, and essentially reset our path in life.

When we hit the road it was naïvely just an opportunity to pour a little more life into our mundane daily routine. Our supporters said it was going to be the most envious journey they could dream of. The nay-sayers said it was selfish of us, and we would likely come back split up over the stress of living in 450 sq. ft. Essentially everyone was wrong, including ourselves.

The nay-sayers couldn’t have been more wrong. Within about 2 weeks of living fulltime in 450 sq. ft., we realized that life was so much more relaxing without the extra 2000 sq. ft. to manage. We connected with each other, we talked, we played and we laughed.

Massive weights were lifted from our shoulders knowing we didn’t need to fill our home with decorations, latest electronics, newest home trends, DIY improvement projects, maintenance, etc. All that “desire to acquire” was immediately gone. The withdrawal symptoms of being unable to Amazon Prime our every whim were challenging at times, but awareness of our “desire to acquire addiction” took center stage. We realized the rat race we were trapped in back home, had completely clouded our lives. Without the distractions of typical American life, the desire to explore, learn, communicate, and bond as a family completely fed our souls.

We never looked at our 450 sq. ft. as anything more than an allergy safe food preparation location and nightly resting place, (and office space). The entire country became our “back yard.”

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The Season is working her magic on the country’s National Parks and reserves, turning them into a wonderland of beautiful colors and amazing fragrances! What better way to experience the renewal and beauty of the season than from the freedom of your RV?


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It’s hard to believe it’s already March. With the end of winter just around the corner, it was time to pack up our snow gear and head down the mountain.


Goodbye Breckenridge

Our last week in Breckenridge was packed with activity. We love this mountain town like home and wanted to make the most of our last few days.



We played in the snow.


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