Start by doing what’s necessary;

Then do what’s possible;

and suddenly you’re doing the impossible.

-St Francis of Assisi


Angela Gonzalez has a plan! She’s planning on taking time to tour the country in a vintage RV. She has places to go and things to do with her boyfriend Damian and their dogs. Meanwhile, she is working everyday doing what is necessary and possible to make what might seem like an impossible dream come true. She is a person of great joy who lives color dreams; she’s a modern day mix of gypsy and hippie stock who lives life in a perpetual state of hope and happiness.



Angie was born in Brooklyn, NY in the early 80s. She is the oldest of three children in what she describes as a “typically crazy, funny, loving family of five. My father is Cuban. My mother is Jewish. I love my sister Heather and my brother Jeremy more than anything. My mom and I talk on the phone daily and my dad is truly my best friend. He’s always been there for me my whole life and I’ve been there for him.” The family lived in Brooklyn until Angie was five and then spent the next twenty years in beautiful Northern California. Angie spent lots of summers visiting her grandma on the east coast and never gave up her Brooklyn roots. “We got the street smarts of city kids but the chill laid back feeling of California.” Angie loves this aspect of her life and truly feels authentically bi-coastally blessed.


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Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one come to you without leaving happier. 

-Mother Teresa


There are people in this world who just make you happy. Being around them raises endorphins and inspires hopefulness. They are natural born doers. Everything that is interesting to them is something to be studied, assimilated, processed and reimagined in their own inventive and creative way. They tackle new things with a gusto that looks like a train whizzing by to the rest of us. Before we even know what is happening, they are publishing a book on it.

Kaye England is one of those world-class doers. Her contagious energy gives lift to those who are “thinking about it.” Whatever the ‘it’ is that others are thinking about, Kaye is doing. In her life she has become a well-known quilter and teacher of quilting with many published books on the subject. She’s a gardener, farmer, goat and llama breeder, writer, interior decorator, scrap booker, and fabric designer. At various times, she was also the owner of five different retail shops. These are but a few of her accomplishments. I have to take a nap after just listing these achievements. To Kaye however, these are not accomplishments, just the way she lives her life. She doesn’t set out to achieve. She sets out to explore what interests her and she has a way of taking it to the next level! In the process she inspires all who know her and are lucky enough to be part of her world. Her presence in a room lightens moods and encourages activity.

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Perhaps you’ve been harboring a secret desire to be a girl camper but you just don’t know enough about it to make a commitment? Me and thousands of other women love it so here’s what I know about getting started.


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Who are the girl campers, glampers, and women who are filling Pinterest with pictures of their tricked out trailers and girlfriend adventures? Well, they are a new generation of campers, many of whom are finding the RV lifestyle for the first time. They are a new demographic of small trailer owners and park hoppers who have reached a point in life where they are going places and doing things and having the time of their lives. Pssst…they are also doing it in high style!

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