A girl walks in to a bar…and comes out with a path to turning her dream into a reality. When Adele Amos met Michelle Tang to network using their mutual connections in the production end of television commercials, she never thought she would find a route to fulfilling a dream of hers. As the two strangers chatted, Adele mentioned the idea of dodging the high cost of renting in the Los Angeles area by purchasing an Airstream trailer and parking it wherever she happened to be working. Michelle, a hair and makeup artist, surprised her by saying she had a 1976 Argosy in the Catskills of New York that she had used for just that purpose and would sell it for just $1500.00. Even though the trailer was 2500 miles away, Adele said yes to the purchase on the spot. She knew she wanted it and would just need to find someone to take 4 weeks off work and go get it with her.



Enter Cindy Gaines, Adele’s childhood friend and neighbor. Cindy and Adele have what could be described as a “sump pump” friendship; it’s there even though you might not acknowledge it every day and it kicks in when needed. The two grew up in the same neighborhood in Portland, Oregon and went all through school together circling each other’s social spheres. They were friends but not best friends, although Adele often visited Cindy’s family’s lake house in southwest Washington. After college when Adele was visiting home, they reconnected and got to know each other better. They formed the kind of friendship that picks up where it left off each time they see each other. Cindy, as an only child, had been given the gift of travel by her professor parents. They used their discretionary income on experiences. They took their daughter all over the world and when she was in 4th grade they took her out of school for five months and traveled all through the US and Mexico in a motorhome. Cindy had been infused with wanderlust and she and Adele, who also traveled stateside and internationally with her parents and three siblings, shared a mutual love for adventure. When Adele realized that she wanted a friend to travel with her to pick up the trailer, Cindy was the first person she called.

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We had a great weekend in New Jersey at our first “Camp Like a Girl” event. The idea behind “Camp Like a Girl” was to give the women who read the profiles and follow the groups on social media an opportunity to experience a ‘girl camping’ event without having to be a member of any specific group. Normally to be in the girl campout loops, you need to be a member of a group and search their Meet Up sites for events near you. “Camp Like a Girl” was a ‘no fuss’ version for the tire kickers and we had a great time!  Many of the women who signed up camped as girls and are now in a place in life where they have that precious commodity of “time.” They are looking to go places and do things and they want people to do it with. Our event was but a sampling of the girl camping flavors but we tried to incorporate some of the tried and true things done at girl camping outings.


Kelly, Jeri and Mia on their first girl camping adventure!


On Friday night we planned a potluck dinner and asked each girl camper to bring her favorite appetizer or potluck meal to my site where we planned to gather! Since most people are traveling to get there it is an easy way to make the night fun. I always make something ahead of time and then just plate it up at the last minute.  Keeping it simple makes the whole thing less stressful for everyone. I always love this because I get to sample everyone’s ‘go to’ appetizer and add a few new things to my own list of favorites. While the weather looked good for Saturday and Sunday, we were keeping our eyes on the sky because a line of thunderstorms was going to come through on Friday night. That happened about ten minutes before mealtime and we all scrambled to the pavilion with our crockpots and party trays. We had so much fun chatting and checking out the booty in our Girl Camper swag bags while listening to the driving rain and acorns pelting the roof.  We were safe and sound in the pavilion and no one’s site suffered any serious calamities.




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