One of the benefits of RVing, especially for families, is the kitchen/campfire combination. Besides the convenience of putting together a meal in the middle of nowhere, you’re more likely to eat healthier foods and save money over dining out.

But, no matter how well you eat in that RV, there are some restaurants across the US that are worth the stop, or even the detour and extra driving to get there. Bon appétit!


Lambert’s Café 3 locations: Sikeston, MO; Ozark, MO; Foley, AL

This ‘Mom & Pop’ joint has been serving generous portions of comfort food since 1942 when Earl and Agnes Lambert opened in Sikeston, Missouri. Best known as the ‘Home of Throwed Rolls’, you won’t leave Lambert’s hungry. Everything here is scaled to ‘large’. Drinks arrive in bottomless, XL insulated cups, staff visit your table before and during your meal with ‘pass arounds’ which include fried okra, macaroni & tomatoes, and fried potatoes, and many meals are served in skillets.

And then there are the rolls — fresh from the oven, hot and fluffy, doughy goodness. As the call “Hot rolls!” is heard, heads swivel toward the voice and hands go up in the air. The roll slinger will catch your eye before lofting the soft ball sized roll towards you. It takes a gentle hand to catch but not squish the roll, preserving its fluffy center for a generous helping of butter and honey.


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We’ve all heard horror stories about housing in big cities like one bedroom apartments with five roommates and a sixth in the bathroom. More and more frequently, people are paying to live in crawl spaces and walk-in closets. If they’re lucky, they get enough room for a bed and a coffeepot. It sounds crazy because it absolutely is crazy and a little extreme. We are adventurous small space dwellers, but we aren’t living in someone’s closet — we are RV dwellers! Specifically, we’re in a Sprinter RV, and we’ve been living in all 110 sq. ft. of it full-time while adventuring and working across the Western U.S.



While living in the RV, we’ve learned a lot about how to maximize our time and our enjoyment on the road. We wish we had the benefit of someone slipping us a few tips before we hit the pavement, but we had to learn them for ourselves, sometimes the hard way. So, we thought we’d pay it forward and give y’all some tips on how we manage to live in such a small space and not go completely crazy. We broke it down into some very important categories: Food, Adventure, and the Nitty Gritty. Hopefully, you’ll see why, and how, we traded space and stuff for better adventure and travel.

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The sounds of crashing waves outside my bedroom window lulls me to sleep as my head sinks into my favorite pillow. Earlier in the evening, our family ate dinner and watched the sunset while dolphins played in the surf. Further down the beach in each direction are a few homes where people have spent millions of dollars to enjoy this view. It’s paradise for less than $50 a night.


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