Reel Road Trips


With the Academy Awards now in our rearview mirror, I offer a trivia question: What do Robert DeNiro, Jack Nicholson, Robin Williams and Albert Brooks have in common?

Answer: They’ve all driven RVs, of course.

Hollywood has a long history of making motor homes and trailers part of the silver screen story – from Lucy and Desi in “The Long, Long Trailer” to Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl in “The Incredibles.” There have been comedies (“Borat”), thrillers (“2012”), dramas (“What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?”), even a whole bunch of horror films with titles like “Dead and Breakfast” and “Troll 2.”

Why the RV? Well, maybe it’s because it offers an opportunity for dramatic setting – and an ever-changing one at that. That’s the whole point. The massive windshield is like a camera lens pointed at the nation’s most remarkable scenery. The driver is the cinematographer, who also gets to be the star.

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