Top 20 #ThingsRVersSay

To celebrate 20 years of Go RVing, we asked YOU to share your favorite #ThingsRVersSay. What’s your favorite “RVism”? Let us know by leaving a comment!

Happiness in a camper


RV there yet




Just want to go camping




At home wherever we roam


Slow down and turn here


this is how we roll


drive this by myself




best way to travel with family


don't unpack


Less is more


the journey is as important as the destination


no rush


miles and smiles


road trip


not all who wander are lost


no phones or tv



time to Go RVing


Shall we gather at the river?

Where bright angel feet have trod

With its crystal tide forever

Flowing by the throne of God

Robert Lowry, 1864


The subtle influence of grandmothers is a topic for poets and psychologists alike. It can supply strength when you think you have none.  It can also carry a loving imprint that tells you who you are no matter what the world seems to be telling you. More often than not, this benevolence comes in the form of an unconditional love. It’s conveyed by the mere “doing” of grandmotherly things. The ironing of a special dress, the unasked for purchase of the item you’ve been eyeing, the cookies on the porch when you most need a friend. Grandmothers have a way of filling the gap. It’s what makes us still miss them decades after they are gone, still think of them when eating a family recipe perfected by them, and still wish we had one more afternoon to just be with them.

Debra Facer, like so many of us, had such a Grandma. Her life would have seemed ordinary to many but she planted seeds of comfort in Debra. Those seeds would bloom when needed and the fragrance of that bloom would remind her of just how extraordinary her grandmother was. The seeds that Debra’s grandmother Dealia, and also her mother Joann, planted in her would bloom and help her to survive childlessness, widowhood at 37 and an ovarian cancer diagnosis.

Dealia the way Debra remembers her – loving life!

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When Atlanta area mom, Jacki Wicker, was raising her son and daughter she was too busy to think about what life would look like when they grew up and moved out. When they flew the coop her initial reaction was, “Whew…done!” Then a little time passed and the reality of her new life sunk in. “Whew…done,” was replaced with, “What now?”

Jacki grew up in rugged South Dakota where her Air Force dad and social worker mother took her and her two younger brothers camping all the time. They tent camped until her dad bought a homemade pop-up trailer that had a big bed for her parents and enough floor space for three sleeping bags.


 Although Jacki’s daughter did not grow up camping she is game to start three generation campouts with her mom and daughter, Presley.

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As another year comes to a close, we asked a few of our Go RVing bloggers to share their 2017 RV resolutions with us. Read what they’re excited for in 2017 below!

“Our RV resolution is to climb even higher mountains in 2017!” – Stephanie and Jeremy, RV Family Travel Atlas

RV Family Travel Atlas selfie

“Our RV resolution for 2017 is to take our RV out as much as possible to create more memories and deeper family bonds before our oldest flies the nest!” – Jenn, Newschool Nomads

Newschool Nomads RV blogger family photo

“Our RV resolution is to wake up early and capture many more sunrises.” – Jerome, Our One Chance

Sunrise on lake

“My RV resolution is to create a better work life balance, and spend more time exploring in the RV.” – Michelle, Making Sense of Cents

View of Joshua Tree on top of rocks

“Our RV resolution is to cross at least two destinations off our growing list!” – Mark, RV Education 101

Type A RV with Jeep towed parked at overlook

Do you have big RV plans for 2017? Share your RV resolutions with us in the comments or on social media using hashtag #RVResolutions. Happy New Year!


Looking across river to the trees and rocks

Gina was getting her camping legs back at Rocky Mountain National Park in the summer of 2015.

When the fog rolls in it can be hard to see what is right in front of us. Even though our memory tells us where the solid ground is, we find it hard to trust our instincts and it feels as if the fog will never lift. Gina, a native of Ohio, experienced a deep fog when her daughter was assaulted in college. The crime became public fodder and quickly took its toll on the normally happy-go-lucky Gina. A darkness rolled over life as her family had known it and even when justice was served and her daughter regained a healthy footing, Gina struggled to embrace a positive outlook. The ordeal had taken a toll and she found herself hiding from the world. That’s where Gina’s hero husband and the Girl Camping community came to the rescue.

Portrait of RV couple Gina and Chris

Hero Husband Chris hatched a plan to help his wife “camp” her way into a new life!

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