The Grand Circle has to be one of the most epic road trips in America, and it’s even more enjoyable when done in an RV! Located in the Southwestern United States and encompassing portions of five states, The Grand Circle road trip features diverse scenery across five states and America’s largest concentration of national parks. One of my personal favorite portions of the drive is along Highway 12, the All-American Road. The views of the orange hoodoos (tall thin spires of rock protruding from the bottom of the basin), red canyons, green forests, mountains and many of the state and national parks within Utah – but that’s just a small part of the adventure!



I was in my Thor Vegas motorhome, towing my Mini Cooper Countryman when I took this trip, so it is suitable for most RV sizes. I had not seen landscapes like this growing up on the east coast, so I was blown away by this trip. I hope you enjoy it as well.



Trip Summary 

  • 942 Miles; 20 Stops 
    • 3-4 states depending on where you start (NV, AZ, UT, CO)
    • 9-10 National Park areas
    • 5 State Parks


Sites in Arizona

  • Grand Canyon National Park – North Rim
  • Glen Canyon National Recreational Area – Lake Powell (AZ/UT border)
  • Monument Valley (AZ/UT border)



Sites in Utah

  • Zion National Park
  • Bryce Canyon National Park
  • Capitol Reef National Park
  • Arches National Park
  • Canyonlands National Park
  • Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument
  • Cedar Breaks National Monument


Sites in Colorado

  • Mesa Verde National Park


Camping Hubs

If you want to leave the RV and explore with your toad vehicle, you can see many places within a radius of these two cities.

  • Moab, UT
  • Kanab, UT


Sample Two-Week Itinerary 

If flying in and renting an RV consider these airports to start your trip

  • Las Vegas
  • Phoenix/Flagstaff
  • Salt Lake City


The following itinerary assumes a start from Las Vegas




Day 1 






Day 2 & 3




Day 4


Day 5 





Day 6 – 8 




Day 9




Day 10 

  • Drive to Capitol Reef National Park visitor center then do the scenic loop
  • On the drive, make sure you stop at Kiva Coffee House off Highway 12. This place is super cute and offers great views of Grand Staircase Escalante while you sip on an espresso. They also have food, a little jewelry counter perfect for picking out souvenirs, and they allow overnight stops.
  • If you prefer to drive straight through – I recommended setting up camp at Kodachrome State Park 




Day 11 & 12

Ruby’s Inn Campground or in the park

  • Scenic Loop Drive with 9 points of interest




Day 13 & 14 




Day 15 

  • Return to Vegas and remember all the fun you had!


Extra Stops If You Have The Time

The national parks you’ll see in my trip itinerary below are stunners, but these state parks are also worth checking out if you have extra time. This entire area is just so rich in beauty!

  • Horseshoe Bend, Page, AZ
  • Antelope Canyon, Page, AZ
  • Goosenecks State Park after Monument Valley
  • Dead Horse Point State Park on the way to Canyonlands, Moab, UT
  • La Sal Mountain Loop drive in Moab
  • Goblin Valley State Park after Moab
  • Kodachrome State Park before Bryce
  • Sand Hollow State Park, Hurricane, UT



Make today “someday” and take this trip of a lifetime!


Let me know in the comments if any of you have taken this trip or have additional itinerary suggestions.


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As a solo female full time RVer, safety is the topic I am most often asked about. People are curious – do you feel safe, do you pack or carry a firearm, what have you run into?


I’ve only had one incident where my gut told me something was off. I was in Canada in a Walmart parking lot. It was mainly empty, just one other RV and a group of cars in the far corner with young kids hanging out. I started to hear yelling followed by honking as the people in the cars wanted to make the RVers unwelcome.   I followed the example of the other RV and left. I continued on until I reached a truck stop that had an area for RV overnighting. I checked inside just to be sure and then settled in safely for the night.


While startling and inconvenient this was a minor incident because I made the decision to relocate and not to stay. Beyond that, my experience with traveling in the RV for the past two and half years has been overwhelmingly positive. I don’t take that for granted though, I take precautions and have put in place a few “just in case” measures.


Safety Tips & Tools


  1. Trust Your Gut – The most important safety tools are ones you have with you at all times – your eyes, ears and common sense! Be aware of your surroundings, trust your instincts, and your gut/intuition. I remember on the Oprah Show years ago when she had the author of “The Gift of Fear” on and spoke about how important it is to listen to that inner voice. I believe most people are good, but that does not preclude taking precautions.


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For me, meal time can be a little stressful. I enjoy cooking when I’m plugged into power in a campground, but on the go I can slip into the habit of eating out if I don’t do a little planning and incorporate a few meal timesavers.


You’re on the road, there’s lots to see and do, you get hungry, it’s easy to pull into a restaurant or gas station for something quick to eat. Or, you’ve been exploring, hiking and biking all day and you get back to camp and don’t feel like cooking a big meal.


By taking a little time to plan and organize your meals, you actually come out ahead with less stress during the week and more money in your bank account. It’s one less thing to think about.


Make Ahead Meals are popular and doable even in a small space like my Winnebago Travato kitchen. Set aside an afternoon to do meal planning and prep for the week. Ingredients can often be shared across multiple meals with different flavor profiles.


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I’m 46, and a few years ago I had a midlife crisis; not the stereotypical buy a sports car, have an affair, get some plastic surgery to hold on to my youth kind. But a sense of restlessness, a deep gnawing at you – there has to be more to life, how do I really want to spend the time I have left kind. I was taught to succeed, go to college, get a good job, save for retirement only to climb the corporate ladder to find what at the top?  I found I was disillusioned with the system. We are so filled with future worry, putting our adventures and dreams on hold; waiting for retirement or the next ‘thing’ to set us free.



I have wonderful family & friends, the Chiweenies (my dogs), a beautiful home, the opportunity to travel a few weeks a year, and am fortunate to have a well paying job. But I felt like something was missing. I was so tired of feeling stressed and burnt out and my health reflected it . As a business consultant, I felt I was always on alert, waiting for an emergency call or email to triage the next crisis. I wanted to trade the lifestyle of “more” for a lifestyle of freedom, creativity and adventure. What would I do if I wasn’t afraid, or worried about all the what ifs, especially money…?


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