Even though we’re part-timers, James and I have been on the road a lot lately.



James is fortunate. His day job allows him to work remotely, so it’s easy for him to hit the road. He’s actually pretty great at balancing work while still making the trip feel special.



I guess I’m to blame for why we aren’t out there RVing more. I’m a personal trainer and wellness coach, and even though others in my field can do that remotely, I feel I’m more effective working in person. But, that’s not the only reason we’re not full-timers.


I like the balance of having an actual home, and having the RV as a vacation, and keeping the two things separate. So when I told you we’ve been on the road a lot lately, you probably assumed that was a good thing. And…it usually is, but when the RV starts feeling a little too “home-like”…you know, the days start to look the same, or I’m less interested in exploring my surroundings … I start getting nervous. That’s when I know it’s time to head home.

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RSVP Now For The #GoRVing Twitter Party October 27th, 9PM EST (US Only)

Don’t you just love fall? James and I just got back from a fantastic month-long 3,400 mile RV trip. We love to take our biggest road trip of the year in the fall for so many different reasons; smaller crowds, beautiful weather, changing leaves, etc.

So that’s why we’re excited to host GoRVing’s upcoming Twitter Party! The topic?

Fall RV Destinations!

We hope you’ll join us on Thursday October 27th at 9pm EST (6pm Pacific) for some great conversations about RVing in the fall. Over the course of the hour we’ll cover a variety of topics including destination suggestions, activity ideas, and seasonal events.

And did I mention prizes?!

One grand prize winner will receive a $50 VISA gift card AND some cool Go RVing swag! We’ll also be giving away two more Go RVing prize packs, which each include a $10 VISA gift card plus more of that super fun Go RVing swag. All for partying with us! (Prizing is open to U.S. residents only)

Just What is a Twitter Party?

If you’ve never participated in a Twitter party before, it’s pretty simple and great fun. Think of it like sitting around a campfire and having a conversation with a bunch of friends, only it’s a cyber-campfire so less pressure! From our Twitter page @TheFitRV, we’ll be tweeting open-ended questions throughout the hour that always begin with “Q1, Q2, Q3… etc.”, and you respond with your own thoughts and suggestions by starting your tweet with “A1, A2, A3…etc.” Plus, you’ll always include the hashtag #GoRVing in your post so we can see your response. Prizes are awarded at random, but here’s a key tip: Consider each of your tweets and responses as sort of an entry for the prizes. So the more you interact, the better your chance becomes of winning a prize!

Sounds Great! How Do I Join?

To participate and be eligible for prizes, just follow these steps:

  1. Follow The Fit RV and Go RVing on Twitter.
  2. RSVP below by leaving a link to your Twitter handle in the comments (ex.!
  3. Show up for the party at 9pm EST, which will be hosted on @TheFitRV homepage.
  4. Respond to our topics (and also to other partyer’s responses) always making sure to use the #GoRVing hashtag in each post.
  5. Pay attention to our announcements of winners throughout the hour! If your name comes up, we’ll have you message the Prize Patrol to arrange to collect your prizes.

It’s as easy as that. Can’t wait to chat with you at the party, gang! See you there!


James and I have a woodpecker that’s taken up residence in a huge Silver Maple tree in the backyard of “The Fit RV” Headquarters.



In fact, I can hear him as I type, which is why he’s made his way in my article. He’s up on the roof pecking at the metal flashing on our chimney. It echoes down into my office, but doesn’t bother me. On the contrary, I find it amusing. He’s like an adorable little pet doing a silly trick.


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Ah, RVing. When you envision the RV lifestyle, you probably imagine it looking something like this:



On most days it actually does, but every once in awhile, things don’t quite go as planned. In fact, one of the worst RV trips James and I ever took was so remarkable we named it “The Great Mosquito Siege of 2014.”


Since we’ve written about it BEFORE, and I’m pretty sure it will go down in RVing history books anyways, I won’t traumatize you by dredging up all the gory details. I’ll give you the CliffsNotes version instead. It all started when we landed at an abandoned campground on the Texas gulf coast in the middle of a pitch-black night and a torrential rainstorm. That was just the first in a series of rapidly escalating unfortunate events. Killer mosquitos, windows leaking, James’ infamous naked jump, chemical warfare, and a Thelma & Louise style desperate cross-country escape…it was such a ridiculous 14 hours, one problem after another, I still look back today and marvel that it all actually happened and wasn’t some sort of twisted dream.


If you’re new to the RV lifestyle, you’ll quickly learn it isn’t always sunny days and wide lanes once you hit the road.



I know, this goes against the entire image of RVing as a relaxing and idyllic lifestyle, but let’s be real. Stress happens when RVing just as it does at home. It’s an inevitable part of life. The real question is, how well do you deal with it?

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RSVP Now For The #GoRVing Twitter Party March 24th, 9PM EDT (US Only)

There is a lot of fun to be had as full-time and part-time RVers. Whether it’s visiting friends and family, tailgating live events, or seeking out adventures, it’s just better in an RV.


The Fit RV


With all the fun, however, there can be some challenges. One of those is learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while you’re on the road. It’s a topic we hear a lot of questions about and a priority on our blog, The Fit RV. Since last year, we’ve been sharing great tips on how to stay fit on the road right here on The Scenic Route as well as on the Go RVing Instagram channel.

That’s why we’re excited to host a Twitter party with Go RVing on Thursday, March 24th at 9PM EDT about staying fit on the road. This is going to be a great conversation for anyone who is curious on how they can keep fitness a priority on RV trips. Over the course of the hour we’ll cover a variety of topics including fit tips, gear recommendations, and important stretches for those longer drives, amongst other fitness related topics.


And How About These for Prizes


Go RVing Prize Pack


One grand prize winner will receive a Go RVing prize pack plus one $200 VISA gift card! We’ll also be giving away three more Go RVing prize packs, including a blanket, water bottle, drawstring bag, and $50 VISA gift card among other items. Prizing is open to U.S. residents only!


To join all of the fun just follow these steps:

  1. Follow The Fit RV and Go RVing on Twitter.
  2. RSVP below by entering your Twitter handle “@yourTwitterhandle” in the Link/Blog Title field, and your Twitter URL in the Link Field.
  3. Show up for the party! Make sure you use the #GoRVing hashtag and join the fun!


We’ll see you there!