From the tiny Hot Spring National Park (a mere 5550 acres) to the unbelievably massive Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve (13.2 million acres), our nation’s 61 national parks are a wonder of splendor just waiting for you to explore. An RV trip is the perfect way to see these treasures.



Peer deep into canyons, hike up mountain peaks, walk in the steps of history—whatever your passion, you can pursue it at a National Park Service (NPS) site. Since 1916, the NPS has been tasked with overseeing our public lands, which now include over 400 sites with a wide range of designations, including national parks, seashores, parkways, historic trails, and more.

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Our very first RV trip was to the Outer Banks in North Carolina, and we have returned to those same beautiful beaches many times over the past 6 years. Beach camping is an annual tradition for our family. Even though we love hiking in the mountains and kayaking on lakes, there is something about sun, waves, and sand that relaxes and rejuvenates us more than anything else.


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Some folks only think about rustic or remote destinations when they picture RV trips. However, our nation’s cities are packed with history and culture, and it would be a shame not to consider using your RV when you visit them. Places like New York City, Boston, Washington D.C., San Francisco, and Charleston may not come to mind as traditional camping locations. However, there ARE campgrounds near these great cities and near other urban destinations across the nation. Get ready to plan your first or next urban camping trip!


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Ziplines, waterslides, cocktail bars, and decked-out patios might not be the first things that come to mind when you think about camping. While the word “camping” conjures up images of tents in the woods and rustic simplicity, RV resort campgrounds turn these notions upside down.

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Before buying an RV, people want to know just how much their RV vacations will cost. Well, one of the best things about RV travel is that there are options for every single budget. You are in control of so many price points including the type of camper you purchase, how far you travel, and where you stay.


When we bought our first RV, we were teachers with lots of time to travel, but a pretty tight household budget. RV Industry Association estimates that RV vacations cost up to 59% less than other types of vacations. We have found that statistic goes hand in hand with our personal experience. Sure, we love to splurge on RV resorts, special activities, and dinners out when we travel. But if we need to stretch our pennies, RVing lets us control the budget in so many ways.


So, whether you are about to take the trip of a lifetime or you want to plan the most affordable vacation ever, here are five ways you can manage the budget when planning your RV travel.


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