Our plan was to leave Orange County, California where we lived for 8 years and move near family on the East Coast. We wanted to settle down in a brick & mortar house and have babies. I convinced Danielle we should have one last hurrah by buying an RV and traveling for 6 months on our way out east.

We quickly realized that living in an RV can be just as “normal” as living in a brick & mortar house, except you get to enjoy scenery and experiences that would never happen living in a traditional house. About a year into our full-time RV travels we found ourselves pregnant while in Texas. It was exciting, but we had to make a big decision…do we settle down, or do we continue the incredible life to which we’ve become accustomed?

For me it was a no-brainer, CONTINUE RVing! Danielle had a few things she wanted to get cleared up before committing:

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It’s not uncommon for new full time RVers to wonder what they got themselves into once they hit the road and run into their first relationship speed bump. When people find out we live and travel together full time in an RV we get mixed reactions. Most people think it’s a cool way to see the country, others think we’re nuts to be around each other so much in a tight space!

Traveling with your significant other should bring you closer together and increase your overall life satisfaction. A few years ago I read that the #1 determining factor of a person’s happiness is the quality of the relationship with their significant other. If that’s true, than it makes sense to me that we should be intentional in how we manage that aspect of our lives.



After traveling for 2 years, visiting 36 states, having a baby and growing stronger in our marriage than ever before, we’ve put together a few tips on things that work for us in hopes people can get a gem or two that works for them.



I believe that communication is the key to any relationship. When you’re living in a small space, it’s even more critical. Everyone has their moments, moods, hormones. When you know you’re feeling stressed or just need some time, let your partner know. Most people don’t mind accommodating others, but they hate surprises. I’d rather know someone is in a bad mood and prepare to be the diffuser/bigger person than be thrown off and react.



Camper Tip: Just relax. Most likely there were things you thought were the end of your world 10 years ago and they ended up being a small blip on the bigger picture of your life.

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Babies are precious traveling companions, but sometimes trying to plan a trip when you have a little one can be a little daunting. Will there be appropriate accommodations? Are we going to run out of diapers, food, etc.? Did we remember to pack everything he or she needs? That’s why an RV makes the ideal mode of travel for anyone with a baby. While it isn’t as simple as slinging the baby over your shoulder and taking off on an adventure, traveling in an RV is like moving in a fully functional home. So with a little preparation, just about any RV destination can be a breeze.



Advantages of RVing with a Baby:

  • They don’t care about your itinerary. As long as the baby is safe and basic needs are met, you can still do most of the activities you normally would enjoy.
  • They won’t complain about your choice of restaurant or the fact that you want to visit a history museum.
  • In an RV it’s easier to create a routine for the baby than vacationing in a hotel.
  • No bathroom stops while driving (for 5th wheel & travel trailers).
  • They sleep A LOT and with a baby monitor that allows you to enjoy some downtime in and around the RV.


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The RV lifestyle comes in so many different flavors, and the type of RV and where you stay has a big impact on the overall experience. One size fits all definitely does NOT apply when it comes to RVing!

Knowing a little bit about your options when it comes to places to stay helps tremendously in planning the type of vacation or experience you want to have. Below are some of the most common choices for places to stay while RVing on the way and at your final destination!


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Bringing someone new into this world is such a beautiful thing. Bringing an RV baby into the world, however, is on another level.

It was a little surreal when we found out Danielle was pregnant. We had been RVing full time for almost a year after what was supposed to only be a 6-month trip. Now, we were faced with the big dilemma that we’d been wrestling with in our minds…

“Do we continue to travel or is it time to settle down?”



We sat down to talk about the options and within minutes we came up with our decision: Adventure awaits and we’re going to keep on exploring this beautiful country. It wasn’t a difficult decision to make. We have loved RVing as a couple so much we couldn’t imagine being stationary at this point in our lives. We enjoyed 36 states last year, and there’s just too much left to see and do!

Luckily there are fellow full time RV families who have had babies while blogging and vlogging about their adventures. Reading their blogs gave us ideas on what to expect, and helped forge a vision of the future.


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