Christmas is my most favorite time of year. The traditions and meaning of the season are so deeply entrenched in me that for many years the thought of leaving home never occurred to me. It seemed to me that a Christmas away from home wouldn’t feel much like Christmas at all.

The first year we left home for the holidays, I was filled with anxiety. I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d regret taking my kids away from the familiar, not to mention myself. As it turned out, I worried needlessly.



Anything I could do at home, I could do in the RV. I decorated, baked, wrapped gifts, and played Christmas music. When we were pulled over for the night, we could cuddle up and watch a Christmas movie together. In our home away from home, Christmas was almost the same. Almost.


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Although we’d love nothing more than to hit the road full-time in our RV, the reality is that it stays put many months of the year. We could put it in storage, but it’s pretty convenient to have close by; especially at our home where we can use it as a guest house for visitors.

Allowing family and guests to stay in our RV has perks—for them and us. First, it allows everyone their privacy. Guests can retreat to their own space at the end of the day and truly unwind. No one has to be “on” for the entirety of their visit—hosts included. This relaxation pays off by making the time we do spend together of better quality.

And this way, we don’t have to shuffle our house around. Everyone can stay in their own bed and our company can spread out in the RV. Fewer displaced children and teens makes for a happier household.

If you’ve never used your RV as a guest home, here are a few ways to add special touches to your guest’s stay:


Stock with Refreshments

Your guests will likely eat with you for meals, so you don’t have to stock the refrigerator to the brim. Add some wine and beer if your guests drink, and make sure to have plenty of bottled water on hand. Place water bottles or a jug and small glass on each bedside table.


Make Sure it’s Clean

Just like you wouldn’t have guests in your home without cleaning, the same holds true for your RV. I love when guests stay in our RV because it forces me to get out there and give it a thorough cleaning. Once guests leave it doesn’t take much to clean it again so it’s ready for our next trip.


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The only thing better than a day at the beach is spending several days at the beach. Surrounded by surf, sand, and sunshine, what could possibly go wrong?



As wonderful as RVing on the beach is, it doesn’t come without its hurdles. If you’ve ever tried to get comfortable on sheets covered with sand you know what I’m talking about. Still, whenever possible, I try to book an RV site directly on the sand. To me, there’s nothing more relaxing than a beach holiday.


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RoadTrippers (free)



This is the ultimate road trip app and should be the first thing you download before you pull out of your driveway. Forget the beaten path – RoadTrippers blazes a new one. This app leads you away from chain restaurants to the ones the locals really love. You can sort by popular, quick lunch, sit down lunch, things to do, shop and fuel up. You’ll also be surprised to find some quirkier spots to visit. We’re planning a trip to Key Largo this winter and just found out that we can check out the African Queen (the boat from the movie with Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn) while there.


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My family suffers from one of society’s most common and prevalent afflictions: too much. Too much clutter, too much to do, too much general busy-ness. My husband and I are both self-employed Type-A personalities and there are many weeks when we work upwards of 50 to 60 hours. Our two daughters are both in competitive cheerleading that gobbles up eight hours each a week of their “spare” time. Add to the mix all the regular mundane chores like homework, laundry, and grocery shopping – and we have an active social life. 

While there’s no doubt it’s a good life, every once in a while it can get, well, overwhelming. When it all gets too much for me to handle, I metaphorically throw out my hand and slam it hard on our escape hatch.



Our family’s “escape hatch” sits on six wheels and is 40 feet long. From the outside it looks like your typical motorhome, but don’t be deceived; it’s so much more than that. Our RV has become our shelter from the storm and our first go-to when we need a family reset. “But it’s just an RV,” some may scoff. Not so, I’d counter. It’s a family containment unit and when the outside world has us paying more attention to our screens than to each other, it’s time to hop inside for status updates that are spoken instead of texted.


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