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RV Types and RV Ownership – A Diverse Marketplace

Every year when I attend the RVIA National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Kentucky I look at current trends that are driving and shaping the future of the RV industry.  By the time I leave the show I come away with renewed excitement about the upcoming camping season and traveling in our RV.

For the past several years I noticed some trends at the show included smaller, lighter and more fuel efficient RVs. They also have more advanced electronics and technology to address the wants and expectations of a future generation of RVers.

This year I didn’t want to “miss the forest for the trees” as the saying goes. In my opinion RV manufacturers do a great job building RVs to meet a diverse buying marketplace. RV manufacturers not only build numerous types of RVs to meet the consumer’s wants and needs; they also offer RVs at various price points to fit different RV buyer’s budgets.

At the show I reflected on the scope of an industry designed to help fulfill our desire for adventure, fun and relaxation. I saw everything imaginable. There were RVs designed for adventure seeking individuals to Mac-Daddy motorhomes and everything in between. The RV lifestyle promotes family bonding, travel, adventure and memories that last a lifetime. Regardless of the type of RV you are interested in, the size, or your budget you can rest assured there is an RV out there to suit your particular wants and needs.

Mark J. Polk

RV Education 101

Toy Haulers: Why is this the new trend for modern RVing families?

When Go RVing asked me to do a Facebook Live Chat at the RVIA industry trade show in Louisville, Kentucky, I immediately knew what I wanted to talk about: Toy Haulers.

Wait…you’ve never even heard of this type of RV before? Let me explain.

A toy hauler is basically a travel trailer or fifth wheel with a ‘garage’ on the back. The entire back of the RV opens up as a ramp so you can load your ‘toys’ into the camper.

Traditionally, people who traveled with ATVs, motorcycles, and golf carts were the target market for toy haulers. However, things have changed dramatically over the last couple of years. When I interviewed a toy hauler product manager last year about his customers, he asked me why I would buy an RV without a garage if I wouldn’t buy a house without one.

Well played, sir.

The more we thought about it, the more we realized we did need a garage in our next family RV. We have three young active boys and travel with bikes, surfboards, kayaks, and SUPs. Finding a way to transport all this fun stuff in a traditional bunk house travel trailer was getting to be a pain.

So we took the plunge, and our new family toy hauler will be arriving this month.

This modern toy hauler model offers all the luxuries and amenities that you find in standard travel trailer, with the added bonus of flexible living space. We feel that our new toy hauler gives us that open-floor plan living that we love so much in our home. It also provides that ‘bonus room’, which can be used as a bunkhouse, a seating space, or (of course) a garage.

In this Facebook Live Chat for Go RVing, I walk through three Jayco toy hauler models that demonstrate the huge range that exists right now in price, size, and luxury. Our family has chosen an affordable Octane Superlite 272, which is on the smaller side with limited bells and whistles. However, if you want patio decks, fireplaces, and raised kitchens, I show you those options as well!

If you are in the market for your first (or next) travel trailer or fifth wheel, toy haulers should definitely be on your radar. Because seriously, would you buy a house without a garage?


James and I love attending the National RV Trade Show each year. It’s a unique show where manufacturers and suppliers roll out the very best of their new stuff for the coming season.

Each show, we see lots of new floor plans and interesting new gadgets, but this year we noticed something very different… and incredibly exciting.

Taxa Outdoors showed up with their line of adventure trailers. If you mixed a family tent with a traditional RV trailer, and threw in a dash of space ship, you’d end up with something like one of Taxa’s models.

Their uniquely crafted trailers are truly geared towards outdoorsy adventurous types. Taxa trailers are rugged and ready to go anywhere you might want to take them; and yet they’re so lightweight most cars can even tow them.

This was Taxa Outdoors’ very first time at The National RV Show.  Their presence at the show represents what we hope is a future shift in the RV industry…a new species of campers that truly focuses on the outdoors, and at a price point that make them more realistic for a larger population of consumers. Exciting times in the RV world! We’ll be watching!

-The Fit RV