When lunchtime rolls around during our outdoor adventures, there is nothing more enjoyable than having a picnic. Fresh air, sunshine and good company not only makes for a great time, but the food, for some reason, always tastes divine.

When choosing what to pack for a picnic, I try and choose foods that are simple to eat and that do not require a lot of cutlery. Sometimes I will make sandwiches or wraps and throw in some extra snackables like individually wrapped cheeses as well as nuts that I place into a small jar. But one thing is for certain, if I happen to spy a local market, I will pay a visit to pick up some goodies like fried chicken, potato salad, fresh squeezed lemonade and sweet treats from the pastry counter. Picnic food at its best I say.

Now as far as a picnic basket, we all know that space is limited onboard an RV and I am a firm believer in multipurpose items. Take for example my collapsible blue picnic basket. I not only use it as a picnic basket but as a market basket too. I also use it to haul items from the RV to the truck when we are packing up and getting ready to tow and use it to unload the fridge when we arrive home. It gets a lot of use for sure!

I also use bandanas as napkins. I roll up cutlery and place the bundle into the basket. When you need to wash them, they dry up in no time. They’re also great for drying dishes in the RV.

Instead of packing a bag of chips that are sure to become smooshed, we opt for nuts instead. I save my jam jars and fill them up with the nuts so they’re easy to grab from the pantry to place into the basket.

Here is a visual for some of the things I place in my basket (a complete list follows this post)



  1. Lightweight, collapsible basket
  2. Cloth napkins (I love to use bandanas as napkins – they wash up and dry in no time. They’re also great for drying dishes)
  3. Fresh squeezed cold lemonade from the local market
  4. Enamel cups are lightweight and reduce trash
  5. Fried chicken from the local market
  6. Potato salad from the local market
  7. Frozen water bottles as ice packs
  8. Hand sanitizing wipes
  9. Nuts instead of chips, no one likes smooshed chips
  10. Enamel plates, like the enamel cups, are lightweight and reduce trash
  11. Sweet treats from the local market





The next time you are out and about and spy a local market, bring your basket along and fill it with goodies for a splendid afternoon picnicking in the great outdoors. For us, lunchtime could not be better spent this way.

Picnic Basket Essentials:

  1. Lightweight basket
  2. Enamel plates and cups
  3. Cutlery (forks, knives, spoons and serving utensils) rolled in cloth napkins
  4. Small cutting board
  5. Corkscrew / bottle opener
  6. Hand sanitizing towelettes
  7. Frozen water bottles as ice packs
  8. Salt and Pepper
  9. Condiments – some ketchups and mustards come in tiny jars, save those jars to refill for picnicking adventures
  10. Picnic blanket with waterproof backing
  11. Plastic bag to haul trash out with you



If you have any picnicking tips, I’d sure to love hear!