Although we’d love nothing more than to hit the road full-time in our RV, the reality is that it stays put many months of the year. We could put it in storage, but it’s pretty convenient to have close by; especially at our home where we can use it as a guest house for visitors.

Allowing family and guests to stay in our RV has perks—for them and us. First, it allows everyone their privacy. Guests can retreat to their own space at the end of the day and truly unwind. No one has to be “on” for the entirety of their visit—hosts included. This relaxation pays off by making the time we do spend together of better quality.

And this way, we don’t have to shuffle our house around. Everyone can stay in their own bed and our company can spread out in the RV. Fewer displaced children and teens makes for a happier household.

If you’ve never used your RV as a guest home, here are a few ways to add special touches to your guest’s stay:


Stock with Refreshments

Your guests will likely eat with you for meals, so you don’t have to stock the refrigerator to the brim. Add some wine and beer if your guests drink, and make sure to have plenty of bottled water on hand. Place water bottles or a jug and small glass on each bedside table.


Make Sure it’s Clean

Just like you wouldn’t have guests in your home without cleaning, the same holds true for your RV. I love when guests stay in our RV because it forces me to get out there and give it a thorough cleaning. Once guests leave it doesn’t take much to clean it again so it’s ready for our next trip.



Provide Creature Comforts 

Throw a shawl at the end of the bed and keep slippers nearby for chilly floors in the morning. Make sure there are throws on the couch. Add a few pillows of varying softness to the bed so guests can pick what suits them best.




Offer a few of your favorite books near the bedside and a selection of new magazines in the living area. You can keep DVDs handy so guests can unwind at the end of the day.


Keep your Front Door Open

Your RV, as a guest home, is an extension of your home. Make sure your guests always feel welcome to enter your house when they’re ready for “people” time.


Make Room For Your Guests

We keep clothes in our RV, so whenever we have guests I make sure there are several empty hangers in the closet. Dedicating a few drawers to guest space is also a good idea.



Get the Bathroom Ready

Get some new hand soap and consider some special hand towels. You should also ensure there is enough shampoo and soap in the shower, and have enough bath towels on hand- think hotel ready. Since a toothbrush is always something I forget, I keep a supply from the dollar store on hand. Keep the medicine cabinet stocked with basics like headache medication, antacids, and band-aids. Also, double check there’s enough toilet paper within easy reach. No one wants to go supply hunting in a crucial moment.


Review How to Get Out in An Emergency 

Nobody likes to think of an accident happening, but it’s always better to be safe. Let guests know where they can find the fire extinguisher and where all the exits are in case they need to get out in a hurry.


Post Basic Instructions 

Write your wi-fi code down and pin to a bulletin board. You could also include instructions for the TV and DVD player, as well as have a selection of music available. This will prevent late night knocking at your bedroom door.



Make it Special

Nothing says welcome like a vase of fresh flowers. Or maybe your guests love chocolate? Perhaps you know they’re a cookie fiend. Whatever it is, make sure you leave a little something so your guests know you care.

Have you ever used your RV as a guest home? What special touches did you include?