This time of year I find myself slowing down and getting lost in my thoughts. Memories of the past year flicker through my mind like the lights on the tree.

I see…



…two brothers bonding and having fun snowboarding.



…snow covered mountains.



…a baby experiencing his first winter.



…exploring New Orleans with family.



….pink flowers blooming during a Tennessee spring.



…family gathered to celebrate a first birthday.



…reuniting with old friends.



…a baby taking his first steps.



…sunsets over Lake Michigan.



…cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents creating memories.



…our family growing.



…otherworldly beauty carved by wind and water.



…pieces of American history.



…fall leaves golden as the sun.



…cozy afternoons together.



….and so much more.

Each memory is a cherished gift. There may be brightly colored packages under our tree right now but nothing compares to the gift of the time spent with loved ones. One day spent with them is worth more than a million perfectly wrapped packages. Life is not always easy. Dark nights will follow the most brilliant sunsets. But the gift of memories has a way of carrying us through the hard times by bringing us hope and joy.

RVing is more than the places we go; it’s about the people we are with. Always.

I hope your year has been full of precious memories!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and have a wonderful New Year!