There is nothing like setting up your home with a backyard that includes mountains or rivers. You just can’t beat bringing along your home on wheels to experience our country’s natural beauty and explore the endless cultural opportunities. Some people take “there’s no place like home” a step further and remodel their RVs to fit their unique personalities and interests, just like any brick and mortar home.

Check out these five gorgeous fifth wheel remodels.


Chelsie and Ryan


RVer couple portrait


Chelsie & Ryan are 20-something newlyweds who travel the US in their renovated camper with their fluffy goldendoodle puppy. They speak for their company Trades of Hope, while photographing their travels along the way. They love waking up in the woods, watching Parks & Rec together, and coffee shop hopping in each city they visit. Their RV remodel is light, bright, and open with pops of color and whimsical touches.


Fifth wheel RV remodel before after photo of living room with white cabinets


fifth wheel RV remodel before and after photo of kitchen with white cabinets


fifth wheel RV remodel before and after photo of kitchen counter and cabinets


fifth wheel RV remodel before and after photo of bedroom


fifth wheel RV remodel before and after photo of living room with new furniture


What They Love About RVing:

RVing full time is an incredible experience. It has a way of taking us out of the ‘busyness’ of this world and allowing us to live in the simplicity of a moment. Every few days, we are able to wake up in a new location, with a new forest to explore, new people to meet, a new coffee shop to try, a new challenge to face. With these unexpected events happening so often, I am forced to slow my lifestyle down. Forced to become present. Forced to notice moments that happen right in front of me that I would have missed before. This simplistic living is the part of RVing that we love best.

Their Remodeling Tips:

Remodeling the floors from carpet to laminate strips is a cheap and beautiful way to make an RV look more modern. It is also a way to keep the RV clean as you travel, since laminate flooring is easy to sweep. Keep in mind with any flooring that it adds weight to the camper, so stay as light in your floor choice as possible!

Wallpaper in an RV is hard to rip out. To avoid the mess of removing it, replacing it with a more modern and fresh wallpaper is a fun way to add color to your little home!

Check out Chelsie and Ryan or their Instagram for more RV adventures!


Follow the High Line Home


RVer couple portrait with fifth wheel RV


Both originally from Stillwater, Minnesota, Stephanie and Jim have been together since 2003. Married in 2008, they hit the road a year later in 2009 and have been traveling full time in their RV since, following Jim’s job as a journeyman lineman. Stephanie works part-time in a deli and at an aquatic therapy center for dogs. When not working or traveling the country, they enjoy alpine skiing, hiking, tent camping, cooking together, playing with their 11 year old basset hound, and experiencing new restaurants and breweries. Their fifth wheel remodel turned their RV into an inviting cottage on wheels!






What They Love About RVing

Our favorite part about RVing has to be that we get to be together no matter where the job takes us.  Because my husband does contract work for his job as a journeyman lineman building/maintaining high voltage power lines, we travel all over.  The first few years in his career we played the game where he traveled for work and I was at our house in Wisconsin working full time. We saw each other maybe once a month. With the RV lifestyle, we can have a place that is ours as opposed to living in hotels and the world is at our finger tips. The biggest thing is that with the small living quarters, you REALLY get to know (and understand) your loved ones.  I’ll never forget our first few miles leaving our hometown in our rig and we jokingly said, “Well, we’re going to figure out really fast if it’s love or divorce papers!”  That was back in 2009!  Six years later, we’re stronger than we have ever been and I attribute a lot of that to RV living!

Their Remodeling Tips

As far as remodeling tips go. We would both say to plan out your entire project before making your first purchase.  We’re firm believers in having a theme, or color scheme and sticking to it.  Also, in our case, had I not made out a detailed day by day plan, I don’t think it would’ve come together.  Obviously, you have to plan for bumps in the road (no pun intended!) but an overall plan is necessary for a completed look and finish time.

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Pieter and Clementine

Originally from Holland, Pieter and Clementine have been traveling the US for the last five years. They travel with their two children and dog, Lucky. They love to snowboard, ski, hike, and explore new places! Their colorful RV remodel includes unique ways to add texture to the walls.







What They Love About RVing

We love all the beautiful places around the country. Breckenridge, CO is our favorite place to visit in the winter and Utah is one of our favorites in the summer. But connecting with friends and making new friends is what really makes this lifestyle special.

Their RV Remodeling Tips

The wood panels near our entrance door are common 3.5-in wide V-Groove Pine Wood Wall Panel. I used a water-based paint and diluted it to get a more opaque effect and sanded it a bit to get a more rustic effect.

The head board was a bit more involved. I started with thin plywood strips. Painted it a base color (gray). Then smeared a thin film of Vaseline on it, so only certain spots were covered. Then painted again with a variety of color tones (over the Vaseline) and let it dry. To get the different color tones, I just added more or less white or black paint. Also used some dark blue. This is where I might be a little artistic: I “just did it” and it came out nice, but can’t tell you exactly what I did to mix it. Last step was to wipe off the painted Vaseline: only the spots where there was no Vaseline kept the different color tones. This gives it the rustic look. The strips of plywood were glued on a big plywood board using liquid nails and just screwed the whole thing to the wall. So basically: mess with paint and Vaseline and it’s going to look great!

For RV renovation inspiration and check out Clementine on Pinterest.


Fiddy States



Megan and Drikus met when they were 15 and got married in 2013. They were both born in South Africa but have called Australia their home for the past 8 years. Recently this adventurous couple spent 6 months road tripping through the United States in their stylish contemporary remodeled fifth wheel!







What They Love About RVing

Something that we love about RVing in general, is that you can see the country/the world from the comfort of your own home. You never feel unsettled or out of place because your possessions and luxuries are with you all the time. We love the fact that we made our RV our own. We often tell people that this is one of the nicest places we’ve ever lived in. Wherever we’ve been in the country, we’ve felt at home. Coming all the way from Australia, we were worried that we might get homesick. But we haven’t because we’ve taken our home with us the whole trip.

Their RV Remodeling Tips

We did a lot of research for our remodel, and did a lot of reading on other remodels similar to what we wanted to do. Three tips for a successful remodel would be the following:

  1. Plan, research and budget; Know what you want to do, plan what you’re going to do before you start actually doing anything. And plan a budget. It’s so easy to go overboard with these sort of things, so if you have a budget you can stick to, it will definitely help in the long run. Drikus’ favorite quote during our remodeling process was “it’s all in the prep work.”
  1. Choose flooring that is modern, easy to install and most importantly, water resistant. As we all know, water and RVs don’t mix well, so it’s great to know we had a good secure floor that would keep out any leaks should we spill water on the floor. Oh, and it was also really easy to clean! No dust build up what so ever!
  1. You can ‘remodel’ most kitchen countertops to look like marble with granite paint. It’s is cost effective and looks incredible. We did this for our kitchen and were so pleased with the results. Most of the people who saw it, asked if we completely replaced the countertops!

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Newschool Nomads



Jenn, Brent, and their two children hit the road in their RV in October 2011. What was intended to be a one year adventure turned into a lifestyle and has taken them to 49 states. They now have three boys and another child on the way. Over the last 12 years they’ve owned three RVs and can’t imagine life without an RV. Their second unit, which they called the Millennium Cedar, was home for over 2 years and will always have a special place in their hearts. They spent weeks painting, sewing, and remodeling the Millennium Cedar to make their beloved house on wheels a wonderful place to call home.








What We Love About RVing

Both Brent and I grew up going on RV trips and knew we wanted to do the same thing with our family. We love so many things about RVing. The time we spend together, the places we visit, and the people we meet are all things that make RVing fun. It’s great to be able to see so many places on a budget and take the comforts of home wherever we go! My own bed…enough said!

Our RV Remodeling Tips

Decide what can be “recycled” in the RV. We saved a lot by simply recovering the couch and dinette with new fabric that I found on sale (I also shopped around to find a good price on reupholstering.) and spray painted fixtures to give them an updated look instead of buying new. Not only is it expensive to buy all new furniture, it can be tricky to find new furniture that will fit well in the spaces. Don’t forget to check Craigslist or ask friends. A lot of people have remnants left over from home projects that they want to get rid of for cheap. Our floor was leftovers from a friend’s coffee shop remodel!

Our biggest piece of advice is don’t be afraid. A lot of people are worried about painting the walls. Our paint held up wonderfully the entire two years we lived in the RV. What about resale you ask? I can’t speak for everyone but remodeling seemed to work in our favor. The first people who looked at our RV bought it. I say it’s your home on wheels go ahead and make it your own whether that means a few throw pillows or an entire makeover!

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Have you ever remodeled an RV? Any advice to share?