RVing – everyone knows it’s great for families and couples, but it’s great for groups too.  A few weeks ago, our local car club got together for a fun-filled weekend with friends and family at Cotile Lake in Boyce, LA.



We went to the Cajun Nationals Car and Truck Show to help support the Food Bank of Louisiana, not to mention enjoy the hot rods. There were hundreds of cars and lots of great food.



Most of the food was cooked and served up right at our campsite. Indoor and outdoor kitchens make meals affordable and convenient for everyone to enjoy.

Our campsites made a great basecamp to escape the crowds at the car show. We enjoyed relaxing in the outdoors away from the bustle of the show.




Our basecamp was set up perfectly so that we all had enough space while still maintaining our own temporary community.



RVing isn’t just great for families. It’s a great way to reconnect with a big group or hang out with the guys close to the action and away from stress.



What kind of events bring you together with friends to Go RVing?