The Fall Foliage

Did you expect anything different for number one? Tourists flock from not only all over the country, but from all over the world to see these radiant colors in New England. The foliage is the number one reason for visiting New England in the fall, but “leaf peeping” from the comfort of your RV makes the experience even more special.

The comfort you have of viewing the radiant colors from an RV is unbeatable. While heading down roads that look like they belong in a glamorous magazine or movie, you can easily stop and grab a soda out of your own fridge or pull off to the side of the road and have a spontaneous picnic.



The Attractions

No, I’m not talking about a theme park. I’m talking about all the amazing sites you will see along the road on your journey. Besides the foliage, we also saw lighthouses galore, amazing bridges and quaint little towns.



As you cruise along, you know you have it better than your fellow road travelers confined to their cars. I thought we had mapped out every cool attraction along the road and then we started seeing signs in Maine for “Fort Knox.” I laughed to myself as I thought, “Did I somehow miss us ending up in Kentucky?” To my surprise, there is also a really enjoyable Fort Knox in Maine. After visiting the town, we came across Penobscot Narrows Bridge where we took the fastest elevator in Maine to the top of the observatory for a breathtaking view of the Penobscot River Valley.



The Food

The food, oh the food… whether we’re talking about food over a campfire or the spoils of local cuisine brought back to cook in the RV, you can’t beat the food of New England. One of my favorite things to do wherever I travel is to break out the Dutch oven and get a roaring fire going.. Food cooked over a campfire somehow tastes more mouthwatering and flavorful than food prepared any other way.

Speaking of mouthwatering, you can’t overlook the local flavors including, but not limited to, the plethora of fresh seafood which is some of the best you will ever eat. There is much more to New England’s food scene than just seafood and you can enjoy it all in the comfort of your RV.



You will find farm stands on every corner with some of the best produce and more: fresh apples for apple pie, amber clear maple syrup to top fluffy pancakes on Saturday morning (who am I kidding, every morning), delicious ice cream and some of the other best frozen treats I have ever had. Without the RV, I would have never discovered these ingredients which would turn into my favorite meals. I love eating out at local restaurants, but I also love firing up the oven (or fire pit) and cooking up some great dishes myself. There is nothing more satisfying than cooking surrounded by the beauty of fall leaves and cool, crisp air filtering through the open door of our RV.



The History

Much of our country’s rich history lies in New England. When visiting in your RV, you can’t help but notice all of the markers and signs for historical buildings and sites. Included among the great historical sites is maritime history that will give you an inside look at what made the picturesque coastal towns what they are today. Locals are serious about the history of the area and everything has been immaculately preserved. The story of America lies here and there is a history lesson around every corner.



The People

One of the best things about RVing is the sense of community you feel every time you pull into a campground. You can get some of the best tips and tricks from your fellow RV travelers as well as recommendations on new places and attractions not on your itinerary.

We spoke with several really friendly campers while in Bar Harbor and received crucial tips on how to navigate Acadia National Park. We weren’t able to find any of that information online before arriving, so being able to have that knowledge was great. You can also learn a lot from the locals and talking to them is the best way to understand the history and culture of an area. Everyone we met in New England was super friendly, but I especially loved the Mainers! There is something amazing about meeting new people who have a completely different day-to-day lifestyle, so be sure to speak to anyone you meet and learn their stories. It will make your trip unforgettable!



Have you ever travelled through New England in the fall? Did I miss your favorite part or do you have any additional recommendations for fellow travelers? Let us know in the comments below.