It’s always such a great feeling to pull into a new campsite, but it’s even better when your neighbors for the week are people you love!



My mom and dad are RVers too. A few months ago we made plans to meet up with them, my sister, and her kids to go RVing in Door County, Wisconsin where we would wrap up our summer Great Lakes tour. We were all excited having never been to Door County and we enjoy RVing together as a family. This past spring we all met up to Go RVing in Mississippi and Louisiana.



We set up our RVs with the doors facing each other, making the space between the campsites a courtyard where we could eat meals together and the younger kids could play.



Door County, often referred to as “Cape Cod of the West” makes up most of the Door Peninsula jutting off the east coast of Wisconsin. It’s the largest county in Wisconsin.




There is so much to do in Door County. With 298 miles of shoreline, charming small towns, parks, and outdoor activities like swimming and hiking, we kept busy exploring.



One afternoon, we took a scenic drive, stopping to take in the views of Green Bay.



Cana Island Lighthouse is one of the more popular lighthouses in Door County. The lighthouse has been standing on the shore of Lake Michigan for more than 140 years.




We stopped in Sister Bay for lunch at Al Johnson’s Swedish restaurant.



Look up on the roof behind us and what do you see?



That’s right, goats! Goats on the roof!!! You mentioned on Instagram that we would have to see the goats on the roof and you were right. Hysterical!



This pregnant lady better be careful, she’s getting a little too close to the edge!



There was a bit of a wait, but we kept ourselves busy by looking around the gift shop and posing with the carved elves (or trolls?). The Swedish pancakes and meatballs were worth the wait!



Our favorite shoreline spot was along a hike between Whitefish Dunes State Park and Cave Point County Park on the eastern coast of Door County.



The area is known for its rugged limestone cliffs and underwater caves. It’s a popular destination to explore by kayak.




We hiked along a trail overlooking the water, stopping to climb down the cliffs and to explore the shoreline.



So much beauty along this section of shoreline.



The kids did great, and when they got tired, grandpa would give them piggyback rides.



If you decide to Go RVing in Door County, Cave Point County Park is definitely worth an afternoon stop.




Another afternoon we went to a park in Sturgeon Bay to let the kids explore and play.



I think the adults ended up playing just as much as the kids.



Near the park was a shipbuilding yard.



It was fascinating to watch the huge cranes move massive freighter parts to assemble a ship.



A trip to Wisconsin isn’t complete without a stop at a dairy, so we headed over to Dairy View, Door County’s largest dairy farm and country store.



There is a free working dairy tour where you can watch the cows being milked in a state-of-the-art milking parlor. The milking parlor allows for 80 cows an hour to be comfortably milked. There are also hands-on exhibits where you can learn all about cows and even practice milking a cow yourself on the mechanical cow.



After watching the milking, we headed over to the store for some homemade ice cream and cheese curds. (You also told us on Instagram that we couldn’t miss the cheese curds!)



The dairy is home to more than just cows. There were also horses, goats, and pigs. The foals were so cute!



This pony says cows are overrated and ponies are where it’s at.



I think some of us may have had a little too much fun at the dairy farm. Thing 2 thinks he has the best grandpa in the world. I have to agree!



While we did our fair share of exploring in Door County, we spent a few days at the campground enjoying the many amenities.



This campground had it all… even its own waterpark!



If the waterpark felt too crowded, we could head over to the lake where they had inflatable water slides. Some lucky RVers even got spots on the lake.



The younger kids loved playing in the sand and in the shallow water.



My niece and nephew enjoyed catching baby frogs along the shore.



Thing 3 loved all the attention from his cousins!



Thing 2 enjoyed playing a game of chess with his grandpa in the rec center.



Not up for chess? How about a game of miniature golf?



Or, if you have energy to burn, the campground had multi-seat bikes! Perhaps you prefer classic campground games like shuffleboard, bounce pillows, playgrounds, Ping-Pong, video games, and volleyball courts. This campground had it all, we couldn’t fit it all in!



Despite all of our activities, Thing 1 did make some time for some schoolwork with a special science lesson. His grandpa helped him dissect a perch for biology.



Of course, no family RV trip is complete without s’mores around the campfire!



And family meals around the picnic table each evening are the best.



Since we live full time in our RV, which has all the comforts of a house, it’s easy for us to forget the simple pleasure of RVing like s’mores and cookouts. This was a fun change of pace for us!



Sitting around chatting with my sister and watching the kids enjoy their grandparents was my favorite part of the week.



Before we knew it, the week was over and all too soon we were saying goodbye! What a wonderful way to end our summer great lakes tour. This surely was a summer we will never forget!


Have you ever gone RVing with extended family? What kind of amenities do you enjoy at campgrounds?