For the past several summers, we always make sure to reserve some time to RV camp at Sun Lakes Resort. From the moment we drive in, this place screams fun to our boys. There really is so much to do here and I love how family friendly it is. This resort is situated on a small lake perfect for jet skis and watersports. There is a small beach and swim area to let the kids loose. They offer moorage for your own watercraft and the resort rents paddle and row boats. We haven’t tried our luck at fishing off the dock yet, but I often see folks giving it a go. Sun Lakes Resorts also boasts a pool, 18-hole mini golf, and Water Wars. What’s Water Wars? Two opposing sides launch waters balloons at each other! And every year, we have to tell the kids we can’t spend all day (and money) there. You can also enjoy the views from Vic Meyer’s 9-hole golf course. For your convenience, located on the property is a small grocery store and a snack bar offering burgers, shakes, hot dogs, coffee, and more. Have friends that want to join you? Sun Lakes Resort accommodations include the RV Park, cabins, tent camping and more.





Still, with all the resort has to offer, you have to get out and explore. Surprisingly, in my network of friends and acquaintances, not many know of Dry Falls. This three and a half mile wide gorge is what survived from the largest waterfall known to have existed on earth and is considered one of the natural wonders of North America. You have to visit the Dry Falls Visitor Center (just 3 miles northeast of Sun Lakes Resort) to learn more about the Ice Age Floods and to marvel at the wonderful landscape.




Even closer to Sun Lakes is a beautiful little lake called Deep Lake. Our family calls it Secret Lake because it seems we are the only ones who visit it. Ask the folks at Sun Lakes for directions to Deep Lake. We found it just by driving around the State Park and stumbled upon it.



About twenty minutes south of Sun Lakes Resort are Lake Lenore Caves. Leading up from the parking area is a well-maintained trail to a series of seven caves. Although not deep caves, you can explore and look for the petroglyphs inside made by the native tribes that once used these caves.




If you have some more time to explore, the Grand Coulee Dam is about 40 miles northeast of Sun Lakes Resort. They offer a dam tour and other dam attractions. The Grand Coulee Dam does feature a nightly laser light show offered in the summer months, which we have yet to enjoy. Our kids are usually too tired to stay awake for the dam drive. Gotta love the dam jokes!

Suggestions to help you plan your trip:

  1. The resort offers different types of RV sites. I prefer the plateau sites. Despite being located farther away from the beach, the sites are more spacious, less crowded, level, and you get a little green grass.
  2. Bring bug spray, swim gear, sunscreen, beach toys, bikes and/or scooters.
  3. Make reservations EARLY! They start accepting mail-in reservations for April, May and June of the following year starting on October 1st of the current year. Requests for July start on November 1st of the current year. For August, September, or October, Sun Lakes will accept mail in reservations starting on December 1st of the current year. Phone in reservations do not start until the first Monday in January for the upcoming season.
  4. There is plenty of hiking if you want to change it up.
  5. Plan to bring most of your food. There are not many options for eating out.
  6. Pay attention to the wildlife – venomous snakes do live in Eastern Washington.
  7. Even though Sun Lakes Resort does not require a Discover Pass (as long as you stay within it private boundaries), visiting the State Park or the Dry Falls Visitor Center will require the Discover Pass.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope your travel plans find you exploring the great state of Washington soon. God Bless. 🙂