You may think having to extend plans an extra day for a doctor’s appointment* sounds like an inconvenience, but what about when your front yard is a view like this? We were happy to extend our stay in Colorado Springs where the view from our humble little campsite was not so humble!


*We get asked a lot about going to the doctor on the road, so for those who may be curious: For regular check ups we try to schedule them when we visit our hometown in California. If visiting home isn’t in the upcoming plans then we try to see a doctor in a town where we have friends. Hence this visit to my friend’s highly regarded dermatologist. In the rare instance of a situation that can’t wait – this has only happened once – we use Google to find a doctor in the area.




The Peak Trail was just a few steps up the road from our campground and from there the views got even better!



We weren’t the only ones out enjoying the view! Each morning and evening a herd of deer wandered through the campground.


Beautiful weather, majestic views, and deer visiting our campsite almost made us want to stay in Colorado Springs another week, but it was time to move on. We had plans to meet up with friends in Houston and family rendezvousing near New Orleans. We packed up and hit the road with plans to cover almost 1000 miles in three days.


New Mexico



I reached a milestone on our drive out of Colorado. Recently, I’ve been driving our rig more but it’s always been on relatively flat ground. Last week, not too long after we crossed the border into New Mexico, I pulled our RV up and over my first mountain pass!



In New Mexico, we saw a sign for Capulin Volcano National Monument.



Stopping for an afternoon of spontaneous explorations wasn’t on our schedule and, truth be told, we were kind of on a time crunch, but we couldn’t resist! The park was closing soon but we had time for a short walk on the Lava Flow Trail and to watch a movie about the volcano at the visitor’s center.



Best of all, the ranger asked the boys if they would help her take down the flag for the day. I’m so glad we stopped!



This is “road-schooling” at its finest!





After three and a half years of full time travel our kids are used to being in the truck, and as long as we stop, (and have snacks with us) long days are no big deal. We pushed on through Texas, stopping at rest areas to make lunch (with our home behind us!) and to stretch our legs… and arms for Thing 3. 🙂



After three full days of driving, we arrived in Houston to spend time with other traveling families. We met both of these families in Florida last winter. One family you might recognize from our trip to Alaska!



Despite not seeing each other regularly, the kids fell right into stride having fun and being silly like old friends.



The morning of our departure from Houston, Brent checked the tires like he always does and saw that one was beginning to wear down. Thing 2 had finished his school for the day so he helped out for a little “extra credit.”



A few hours later, we crossed into Louisiana where there was a really nice welcome center!



And not long after that, we met up with my parents, aka, Weewah and Papaw, who had driven their RV up from Florida to spend a week camping with us!



We decided to camp at Buccaneer State Park in Mississippi. It’s a peaceful campground with sites on the Gulf of Mexico but still only an hour’s drive to New Orleans. We got spots right next to each other with gulf views!



Mid-week my sister, Jessica, and her three kids drove down from Indiana to join us. The kids loved staying in the RV and they especially loved playing with their little cousin, Thing 3.



This month, Thing 3 has gone from being a snow baby to a beach baby!



He loved playing in the sand. He was having such a good time that he may or may not have thrown a major fit when it was time to go indoors! 😉




Don’t be fooled! He’s not always the angel he appears to be although he’s pretty close!



Aside for one day, the weather was perfect. The kids played in the campsite and Nico loved getting all the extra attention from the girls.



We enjoyed every minute of spending time with our family. Each evening, we all had dinner together in my parents’ RV.



The small beach across from our campground was a perfect place to watch the sunset each evening.





Mornings along the gulf were quite pretty as well.



It rained one day while we were there. We had planned to go to New Orleans that day but instead of walking around NOLA in the rain with kids, we headed over to Infinity Science Center.



Thing 3 recently learned how to point and his big brothers think it’s the cutest thing. He was quite impressed by the rocket engine.



Infinity Science Center has lots of hands-on exhibits and educational activities for kids including a full size International Space Station Module.



The older boys and their grandparents took a bus tour of Stennis Space Center, NASA’s largest rocket test facility.



It was a wonderful week at our little spot by the sea!



And we couldn’t be more grateful! (That’s my sister posing for me!)


Do you have family who like to go RVing? Whats the longest you have driven in one day? Where have you seen the best sunsets?