The Season is working her magic on the country’s National Parks and reserves, turning them into a wonderland of beautiful colors and amazing fragrances! What better way to experience the renewal and beauty of the season than from the freedom of your RV?



One of the best ways to see the season in action is to visit California’s Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve, which is at its poppy peak during the month of April. The 1,780-acre reserve transforms into rolling hills of orange, yellow, and red, crowned with wide-open blue skies. If you’re looking to peep more than just poppies, Great Smoky Mountains National Park has 1,500 different kinds of flowering greenery, ranging anywhere from tulips, to black-eyed Susans, to lady slipper orchids, all of which have helped it earn the nickname “Wildflower National Park.”



Spring changes the Blue Ridge Mountains, specifically Shenandoah National Park, into a sea of rolling rich greens and pastels, ideal for a springtime RVing adventure. Nothing marks the dawning of spring quite like Glacier National Park’s glacier lily which is in bloom by April.



Washington’s North Cascades National Park doesn’t hesitate to blossom once spring rolls around, and by April much of its lower elevations are covered in a thick blanket of brightly colored wildflowers. Similarly, South Dakota’s Fort Pierre National Grassland contains over 116,000 acres of clovers, daisies, bellflowers, and offers up springtime photo-ops from all directions.



If you still haven’t had your fill of spring, you could always hit the road to Colorado and visit the state’s wildflower capital, Crested Butte. The 1880s mining town is a Registered National Historic District jam-packed with campgrounds perfect for fishing, hiking, and of course spending some time surrounded by gorgeous nature.



Last, but certainly not least, is a springtime road trip to California’s Yosemite National Park. Spring is peak waterfall season, which means every creek, spring, and waterfall rushes with ice-cold water fueled by the melting winter snow. Mirror Lake is practically overflowing, and the waterfalls are almost too beautiful to be true. If that wasn’t enough, the park also becomes carpeted with a thick layer of fragrant dogwood blossoms everywhere you look.



April is one of America’s most beautiful months. If you can handle a few puddles and the occasional rainy downpour, you’ll see it’s the perfect time to jump in an RV and hit the road to visit some of the country’s most beautiful National Parks and reserves!