Escape.  We all need one.  Whether it’s an escape from the pressure of your career, the boredom of routine, or even just an escape from the weather, it’s important to find that place that will make you happy and allow you to return to your life happy, rejuvenated, and with new perspective.  With more than four million miles of road in the United States, the possibilities are endless.  Forget sketchy motels, greasy diner food, and schedules that are impossible to keep.  Only you know what and where your escape is, and you want to be able to customize your trip just for you.  The freedom of RVing is an essential part of finding that escape.



Explore wine country in Napa Valley in a cozy RV perfect for two.  The close quarters are wonderful for intimacy, and a leisurely pace through beautiful scenery (not to mention all that delicious wine!) is the perfect way to enjoy each other’s company.  Or meander through the Deep South, from Savannah to New Orleans.  Sip sweet tea and indulge in lavish southern meals, and let the magnificent architecture and luxurious gardens sweep you away to another era.  If you enjoy colder destinations, Vermont is perfect for romantic dinners by the fire, quiet snowy walks, and charming wintry Americana.



If your escape means bringing the whole family, an RV is a great way to visit Walt Disney World.  It won’t be a quiet vacation, but you’ll be a hero to your kids, and Disney World has plenty to offer to the parents too.  Shopping, fireworks, and lots of restaurants, plus the unadulterated glee of the kids, will pave the way for you to indulge in your inner child.  Or take the family on a ski trip.  There are plenty of options for skiing around the country, but nowhere has more snow right now than New England.  The White Mountains of New Hampshire or the Green Mountains of Vermont are both amazing ski destinations.  If you’re after a little diversity in your escape, hit the West Coast.  San Diego has one of the best zoos in the world (The San Diego Zoo) and its safari park is an easy drive from the city.  The beach isn’t too far away either, and the museums and restaurants will ensure your family trip is both edifying and satisfying.



As we get closer and closer to spring, March can be the perfect time to visit some of our National Parks before the crowds arrive.  Yosemite National Park‘s waterfall season peaks in April, but the spring thaw is well underway in March.  If you’ve always wanted to visit Alaska, the whales return to Kenai Fjords National Park in the spring, not to mention millions of birds immigrating north for the summer.  The Joshua trees that Joshua Tree National Park is named for are in full bloom from February into late March, and many more wildflowers will be starting to blossom as well.



You may not be able to drive to Hawaii, but RVing once you’re there is a great way to explore Oahu.  The Honolulu Festival in March is a fun way to explore Hawaiian culture.  Or if you want a little more party with your culture, celebrate St. Paddy’s Day in a heavily Irish city like Boston, New York, or Chicago.  There will be parades, parties, beer, and every pub will be packed to the brim.  I hope you like your beer green!  Or for some ironic whimsy, try the Frozen Dead Guys Days in Colorado.  It’s self-description is as follows: “Each March, thousands of revelers gather to celebrate the story of Grandpa Bredo Morstoel, a Norwegian who died in 1989, with an array of icy events and off-the-wall contests—frozen salmon tosses, coffin races and polar plunges among them—fueled by lots of cold beer in downtown Nederland, a town of 1,227 residents at 8,230 feet high in the Rocky Mountains.”  It will be an experience to tell your friends about for sure.

No matter where or what your escape is, the important thing is to take the time to go and find it.  Embrace freedom and hop in the RV!