The boys were set up in the back seat and Meow Cow took his place on the center console as we set off on our long drive across Nevada’s high desert from Lake Tahoe, California to Park City, Utah.



Just after dark on our first night, we pulled into a campground in Winnemucca, Nevada. The next morning, we were pleasantly surprised to awake to views of the surrounding mountains. We took Hope’s suggestion from the Go RVing Facebook page and treated ourselves to breakfast at the The Griddle. It was delicious. Thanks for the recommendation, Hope!



It was nearing sundown that evening when we saw the exit for the Bonneville Salt Flats on I-80. We had planned to be there late afternoon but the GPS had calculated our drive based on the speed limit, not our actual speed, so we were a good few hours behind our plan.



As we exited, we saw the sun draw near to the mountaintops and worried we had missed a beautiful sunset. We were wrong. Our timing was unplanned and perfect. The salt flats were covered in pools of water that, like mirrors, reflected the pastels of sky and the surrounding mountains.



The Bonneville Salt Flats is part of the bed of an ancient lake, Lake Bonneville, that once filled the Great Basin. When the lake evaporated, it left behind minerals and formed a dense salt crust. The salt flats are managed by the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) and cover an area of just over 46 square miles. Each summer since 1949, teams from around the world in various types of vehicles compete for land speed records at the famed International Bonneville Speedway. Maybe next summer we should see how fast our truck and fifth wheel can go! 😉



That night, we set up camp at Park City RV Park and once again awoke to beautiful mountains.



It was a lovely place to call “home” for a couple of weeks.



Like other mountain resorts, Park City history goes well beyond the groomed ski hills and fine restaurants. Originally a famous silver mining town, Park City was founded by prospectors in the late 1860s. Today you can still see the charm of an era gone by as you walk through the streets of downtown.



When we made plans to be in Park City, we didn’t realize we were going to be there during the Sundance Film Festival, one the largest independent film festivals in the United States.



While we didn’t intentionally plan on being in Park City during the film festival, it was fun to stroll the streets full of festival energy and look for celebrities. We looked into seeing a film but learned you have to purchase tickets months in advance or get on a waitlist. Next time!


Even more fun than looking for celebrities in Park City was going to the ice castle in nearby Midway! We had no idea that this magical spectacle would be open during our stay until a Go RVing fan gave us the suggestion.





The ice castles, made entirely from ice, feature glassy and textured walls, towers, thrones, canyons, waterfalls, and tunnels. Hundreds of colorful LED lights and music bring the ice to life.



With the 2002 Winter Olympic Games being held in Salt Lake City, the Utah Olympic Park in Park City hosted a number of events including bobsled, ski jumping, luge, skeleton, and Nordic events. Today it still serves as a training center for elite athletes, a museum, and an outdoor activity center for the public.



Inside, we strolled around the museum looking at the relics from the games and learning about the history of skiing in Utah.



Outside, we viewed the ski jumps and took in the gorgeous mountain views surrounding Park City.



If film festivals, ice castles, or the Olympics don’t convince you that winter is a great time to go RVing in Park City, then the opportunity for snow sports might! Downhill skiing, snowboarding, tubing, ice-skating, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, and more are all within an easy drive.




Our RV Park was a mere 5 miles away from Canyons Resort and only a few more minutes away from Park City Mountain Resort, each being part of our Epic Season Passes. We all enjoyed taking turns hitting the slopes.



We were happy to have chased down some snow and we are still looking forward to continuing our winter wonderland adventure! We will be heading for Colorado next week and we hope you join us!

Have you ever been to Park City, Utah? What sort of unexpected events have you discovered on your RV adventures? We love to go RVing in the snow! What about you?