A winter storm was on its way and we pulled into our campsite just in time after a long day’s drive from Park City, Utah to Breckenridge, Colorado.



It was already starting to snow lightly. The following morning, we awoke to a winter wonderland.



We didn’t waste time. That afternoon, after school, the boys and I headed to the mountain to get in a little snowboarding. Breckenridge Ski Resort had added a new peak since the last time we visited and we were anxious to try it out. We weren’t disappointed!



Breckenridge is a festive little town up in the Rocky Mountains. Each winter, they host a variety of events and we were lucky enough to be here during the International Snow Sculpture Championships.



In late January, snow artists from around the world come to Breck to carve their sculptures in giant blocks of snow. Weather permitting, the sculptures are on display through the first week of February.



Going at night adds a bit of magic and whimsy to the event as the sculptures glow under the colorful lights.



The highlight of our first week in Breckenridge was watching the boys be surprised by a visit from their Indiana grandparents! We managed to keep their trip a secret for weeks. The afternoon of their arrival, Thing One and Thing Two were itching to go into town but instead I called a “family meeting” to keep them occupied. We discussed things like the weekly menu and school until we heard a knock on the door. The joy on the boys’ faces when they saw their grandma was priceless.



The boys loved spending time with their grandparents. They took them around town and grandpa even grilled them hamburgers out in the snow.



With grandpa and grandma in town to spend time with Thing 3, the four of us took a morning to hit the slopes together.



The next day, all of the boys stayed with the grandparents while Brent and I headed over to Vail for some couple time.



After a full day of riding, we walked around downtown for a bit where the streets were bustling with activity for the Alpine World Ski Championships. We scored at a local toy store when we found an infant sled for Thing Three.



Thing Three loved his little sled. After all, he deserves to have some fun in the snow too!



We pulled him all around the campground and he sat in snow for the first time.



On my parents’ last day, we headed over to nearby Frisco to explore and celebrate an early Valentine’s Day before they headed home.


Thing Three thought his Valentine Day card tasted great!



After walking around downtown Frisco, it was time to say our goodbyes.



The boys were sad to see them go but we reassured them that it wouldn’t be long until we put down our jacks for another visit with them. That’s one of the best things about RVing. It’s not goodbye, it’s “see ya later.”



Frisco has its fair share of fun events like the Mardi Paws Barkus Parade. Dog owners dressed up their pups and paraded them down Main Street. We should have brought Nico (our pug)!



There is plenty to do at the RV park with a game room, pool, and exercise room. Our favorite is hiking a section of the Colorado Trail that runs right behind our campground. We walk the trail regularly to get some exercise and take in the gorgeous views.





If someone had asked me a few years ago if I wanted to go hiking in the winter, I would have thought they were crazy, but then I tried it. The white snow drifts, crisp air, and snow capped mountain vistas were all I needed to fall in love.



Speaking of love, we celebrated Valentines Day over the weekend! We opted to avoid the crowds and stay in and bake cookies.



We didn’t have a heart cookie cutter so Brent improvised and made one out of an empty can.



It was a simple but special Valentine’s Day.



We couldn’t be more content up here in our cozy “home” in the mountains.

Did you go RVing over the weekend? What did you do for Valentine’s Day? Have you ever gone winter hiking?