Who are the girl campers, glampers, and women who are filling Pinterest with pictures of their tricked out trailers and girlfriend adventures? Well, they are a new generation of campers, many of whom are finding the RV lifestyle for the first time. They are a new demographic of small trailer owners and park hoppers who have reached a point in life where they are going places and doing things and having the time of their lives. Pssst…they are also doing it in high style!

They are more likely to be found visiting the famous antiques shows in Canton, Texas or Brimfield, Massachusetts than historical sites like Gettysburg or Mt. Rushmore. They gather en masse to attend the annual Country Living Fairs in Rhinebeck, N.Y., Columbus, Ohio, and Atlanta, Georgia where their personalized trailers are on display for fair goers to see.

They are kayaking the rivers and streams and hiking the Appalachian Trail by day. By nightfall they are dutch oven cooking and dining el fresco with candelabras by the campfire. These women are not the hot dogs on a stick crowd. Food is a recurring event at these girlfriend campouts, prepared with love and lingered over under the stars.

If you happen to wander by and shout a friendly hello, I can almost guarantee you will find yourself pulling up a chair and being given a plate!

These women have done the little league and bake sales, given their communities their volunteer hours, and taken care of business and now they want out…out on the road that is, to see what they’ve longed to see, to visit with old friends and make new ones. They are learning to tow and level their own trailers.

They are traveling in groups of two to two hundred. They are busy moms who use the family travel trailer for some needed “me” time to recharge their batteries and talk to grown ups for a few days! They are widows who are trading in their big rigs and going solo with their “sisters” in tow; grateful that they don’t have to give up the life of travel that they’ve known and loved.

They are conquering their fears and setting a course for adventure.

They are inspirational and brave and they are coming soon to a campground near you….

Want to know more about girl campers?  Come meet the Janine and other Sisters on the Fly at the Country Living Fair in Columbus, OH September 12-14.