Perhaps you’ve been harboring a secret desire to be a girl camper but you just don’t know enough about it to make a commitment? Me and thousands of other women love it so here’s what I know about getting started.



There are many girl camping groups out there and I belong to most of them. I love to look at their Facebook pages and see where these adventurous women are going and what they’re towing! Like most things though, all groups are not created equal. Some offer support in the form of encouraging words on their FB pages while others are more about sharing pictures of the trailer and its decorating theme. Inspirational pages for certain, but not informational.



If you want to be a girl camper you are going to need a more hands-on guide to getting started. Of all the groups I know of and belong to, I have to say that “Sisters on the Fly” (SOTF) has it all in terms of practical, how-to, let’s get this party started, guidance for the newbie. Even if you are a seasoned RV owner and lifelong camper, you need to know who is in my area; where are the trips; what do they cost; how do I sign up; can I plan a trip; can I bring my pet?
If you have never camped before and have been following these groups via social media you have many questions too. Do I need a trailer; what if I don’t know how to tow; what kind of trailer will my car tow; will someone help me learn; what do you do once you get there?


Here’s how it works at SOTF and it is why I recommend them as a starting point. You log on and pay the $5 a month membership fee and you will receive an email telling you what your “sister” number is. Right away you have over 5,000 sisters! You will then receive an email from your regional “Wrangler”. The Wrangler’s job is to help you transition into the group. She will give you the passwords for the protected backside of the public website pages which will tell you who the other adventurous women are in your area and provide you with their email and phone numbers.


You will also be sent an invitation to join the countrywide “Meet Up” sites where sisters post all the trips that are planned. You can stay local or branch out. Trips can be a casual, spur-of- the-moment Friday and Saturday nights at a state park, or a bucket list trip that has been planned out months in advance.



Your Wrangler will also direct you to the official SOTF Facebook page which is private. This is where sisters share everything from their trailer decorations, renovations, travel photos, recipes, prayer requests and even sister anecdotes. Lucy and Ethel stories abound here and it is a great place to post a question. You will get 20 answers in ten minutes or less!

Within this group you can re-ignite a childhood love for camping as I did. You can start from scratch and realize a lifelong dream. You can transition from full time RVing as a couple, to just yourself with a smaller rig and lots of friends along for the adventure. You can start slow or jump in full speed. You can find other busy moms who need the occasional “me time” getaway. There are over 5,000 Sisters on the Fly in the US and they are waiting to help you get started.


Interested in joining Sisters on the Fly? Get started here:

Sisters on the Fly
Want to learn more about other groups for girl campers? Here are a few links that will get you started:

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If you would like to catch up with some of the Sisters on the Fly, join them and Go RVing at the Country Living Fair in Atlanta’s Stone Mountain Park October 24-26, 2014