After an amazing start in the Florida Keys, we felt ready to cover some miles on our journey to Alaska and set a goal to make it to Atlanta, Georgia as quick as possible.

“Quick as possible” is highly relative when traveling long distances with an infant. To be honest, I was a little nervous when we decided to drive to Alaska with an infant. Thankfully, Baby Nomad is happy to travel. While we make more (and longer) stops than in the past, he is content and spends most of the driving days sleeping and cooing at his brothers in the backseat. So far the key to RVing with a baby seems to be embracing the slow lane. By “slow lane” I mean keeping a laid back and be-in-the-moment attitude. Our stops may take five or 50 minutes, and that is okay with us.



Our stay at Stone Mountain started with a perfect campsite right on the lake. The first evening we relaxed by grilling out and having a campfire while the sun set.



It was Baby Nomad’s first campfire!



We made friends with some ducks.



The sunset over the lake was beautiful.


This is what RVing is all about!


The next day we explored the adventure park in Stone Mountain where the boys tackled the Sky Hike.


We rode the train around the base of the mountain.



It was really wonderful to have our RV nearby so we could go home and rest. After dinner that night, we headed back out to ride the cable car to the top of Stone Mountain to take in the views and get a better look at the Confederate Memorial Carving, the largest bas-relief sculpture in the world. Then, the evening ended with a laser light show on the lawn!


The second day we debated on whether we should spend more time in the park or head into the city. We compromised by exploring the park in the morning and heading into the city in the afternoon. Brent worked the first part of the day while I took the boys to the Antebellum Plantation and farmyard where we got a peek into what life might have been like for different people on a plantation.


Unknown-17We also met some friendly goats!

There is so much to see in Atlanta. We narrowed our choices down to the Aquarium, World of Coke, and CNN. The aquarium looked fun but unfortunately was a bit out of our budget for the month. Since we had not visited a news station or studio during our last two years of traveling, we decided to do the tour of CNN.


Here is a little fun fact about our family: we haven’t had paid television since we got married. When we got married, we couldn’t afford it and by the time we could afford it we had grown accustomed to living without.

Although we don’t regularly watch television, it was fun to learn about the news media process from searching for stories to delivery on TV.


Thing 2 volunteered to be a “news anchor” and read a teleprompter in front of the whole tour group.


The newsroom where journalists work to gather news was fascinating. All the flickering screens made my head spin. Two years ago we visited Benjamin Franklin’s printing press in Philadelphia and it’s mind blowing to think about the changes in media!


After CNN, we took a friend’s suggestion to head off the beaten path and explore Buford Highway Farmers Market. Buford Highway Farmers Market is not what comes to mind when you hear the words, “farmers market.”  Buford Highway Farmers Market is a gigantic international grocery with long aisles of groceries dedicated to different countries around the world.


Look at the pepper section!!!


Since we travel with our kitchen, we don’t eat out a lot. This was a fun way to explore and run an errand at the same time. We picked up the essentials and the not so essentials like bread fruit and sugar cane.


Thank you for the suggestion to visit Stone Mountain Park. We had a wonderful time! Tennessee is next up and we look forward to visiting some more of your suggestions.

Have you ever been to Stone Mountain Park? How do you decide which attractions to visit when you #GoRVing?