On the adventure home, we decided to go off the beaten path. That’s one of the things we love most about our RV; we are in no rush to get anywhere and we can stop almost anywhere at any time.

The day’s adventure included a stop at the Wyatt Archeological Museum in Cornersville, TN, and the NASA Stennis Space Center Program rocket located at a rest area on I-65 South in Mississippi. Our adventures even led us to find a new BBQ place. Now one of my daughters says she wants us to move closer so we can eat there every day! RV trips with your family are all about making new memories and sharing new experiences together.

As we finally pulled up to our home and stepped out of our second home on wheels, we all agreed it was one of the best RV adventures yet. Can’t wait until the next time we #GoRVing!

What’s your favorite thing about RVing? Or if you haven’t RVed before but only dreamed of an RV adventure, what about RVing gets you the most excited?